What we do for family part II, from the journal of Brian S

Posted: June 1, 2014 by FEMA help in FEMA

Like most of us, I’d always assumed that the various members of my immediate family had either been eaten or turned zed years ago.

My son and his kids had been caught in one of the early quarantine zones the government had tried to set up. In typical government stupidity, the brass decided it was better if everyone in theses zones died (possibly with some 9mm help) in order to stop the spread of this disease rather than risk further outbreaks. They didn’t know yet that it didn’t matter how you died, you reanimated. So Instead of containing the virus, they created a zombie army that they couldn’t contain. I tried without much hope to reach them early on, but once the government broke down and Nancy turned, I gave up all hope that they survived.

That was, at least, until a couple of weeks ago, when I ran across my grandsons neckless.

I was part of a group that had made the trek to another survivor stronghold for a supplies swap. I went mostly so I could scavenge parts to replace the various items on the wind generators that were starting to break down.

We got to the other stronghold without too much trouble, and had finished the swap when I noticed one of the other guys was wearing my grandson’s necklace. He had made it himself so it was a unique piece that I recognized immediately.

When I inquired about how he got it I was rather impolitely told to commit a physically impossible act. Being out numbered I decided to wait until we left and after a couple of days I doubled back. It took a few more days of waiting till I could get him by himself, but eventually the opportunity presented itself and after some persuading, I was able to convince him to tell me how he had acquired the neckless.

Turns out that about six months prior a guy matching my grandson’s general description had come thru and had taken refuge overnight with this guys group. They guy had bargained for some supplies including trading his necklace for some extra water purification tabs. The clincher was he had mentioned heading up to Indiana to see if any of his family had made it.

Yeah, I know it’s still a long shot, but what are you gonna do. It family, and if there’s a chance, you gotta check it out.


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