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The Iron Curtain

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“I think so… I’ve never seen a Russian in person though.  What would one be doing here anyway?” I said, looking back at the man shooting out the window.

“Bloody Zombies, stay away from here.  You are an insult to Mother Russia and God Almighty!”  the man yelled, throwing a moltov down into the street below.

I motioned for the team to move to detain him.  We silently spread into the room taking up a place around Russain.

“Salutations Comrades, drink?”  The Russian said, indicating to the vodka bottles off to the side “I mean you no harm, Comrades, please lower your weapons, or help me kill the walkers who are trying to eat your comrades.”

I looked out the window to see more zeds than there should be in this part of town.  “Team, cover fire!  Pink, get your team inside, we will cover you!”

“Negative, we’ve got this.” came her reply

“Pink, there are more coming up from your six, way to many for us to handle.  We have to get you and your team to safety, and if that means scrubbing the mission so be it.  We need to get back to base.” I explained to her.  “Now is not the time to Rambo out on us.”

“…Alright, get the doors open, and cover us, we’re making a break for it.” came her delayed response.  I could tell she didn’t really want to do this.

“Thomas, Muzzables, go cover the door, make sure they can get in when they get here.  Blunbad, you’re with me.  We’re going to provide cover fire from up here.”

A few minutes and many bullets later, Pink and her team are safe inside the building.

“Comrades, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Vicktor Reznov, former KGB.  Who might you be?”

We gave him our names and told him we were from the old FEMA base down the road.

“Well met.  Shall we extract ourselves from this situation?  We may talk more at your base, if you permit me entrance.” Vicktor said “I know a way out of here that is fairly Zombie free, if you wish to follow me?”  he finished, collecting his vodka and heading off, not waiting for a reply.

“Do you think we can trust him?” Pink asked me

“At this point, I’m not sure, but if he can help us get past all that…” I said, motioning out to the horde of zombies “I think we ought to give him a shot.”


We interrupt this message…

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Taking a break from the story I’m telling for a moment, I would like to use this time to post some avatars for FEMA recruits/members who would rather not send us a picture of themselves to use as their avatar.



To use one of these images as your avatar, simply download it then make it your profile picture on your social network site you use for PSC, then follow the handy steps provided by the lovely Chyram of Terry Fox Safe House to upload it to PSC!

A few days passed while we were getting repairs made to the FEMA base, replacing windows and doors with stronger or new glass, fixing systems the zeds took out, re-booting the computer systems and getting the place back in operational order.  Overseeing it all was 13wayz, but as soon as we were well on our way, he left to join the RAiders.

With all the zeds cleared out, we got a chance to search the base a little more clearly, and we found some pretty useful tech for our scav teams.  Stealth Field Generators.  They refracted the light around the wearer to make it seem like they aren’t there, to a zombie at least. If a living soul were to observe the movements of someone wearing the SFG, they would notice a ripple in the air with human like qualities.  We found a whole stockpile of them, enough to last us a few months.  We had our tech guy, Grisly Addams working on one of them, trying to figure out how exactly they worked, if it was possible to make them last longer or work better.

That brings us to where we are now.  Out scavenging the ruins of Denton Texas, looking for supplies/survivors.

“Strike team Bravo, Strike team Bravo, this is Scav team Delta come in.” I said over the radio.

“Go ahead Delta.” Came the voice of Pinkertonb5.

“Alpha, we’re here in the old capitol building, and we’ve got sings of potential life still holding up here.  That, or someone else has been scavenging here.  We need to get our logo put up out here so people know its our turf.”  I said, looking at a wall that had a train with DCTA written on it.  “I’ve got a feeling we aren’t the only ones here in Denton.”

“What do you mean Night?”  Came Thomas’ voice from behind me.

“This,” I said, gesturing at the marking on the wall “is a freshly painted logo.  The paint is still running, my guess is that its less than an hour old.”

“That means…”

“That we may not be alone in here.  Pink, we need you and your team to the capitol building, now.  Use your SFGs, we have potential live hostiles in the vicinity.”

“Copy that, ETA two minutes.  Rendezvous in the lobby.”

“Team, activate your SFGs and take positions around that stairwell.  We need to make sure…” I started, when gunfire erupted on the floor above us.  “MOVE MOVE MOVE!”  I called

“Bravo, we have shots fired, double time it, we’re moving to investigate” I called

“Negative, We’ve got zed activity out here.  As of yet, we are unnoticed, but we are moving to engage.  We will cover your flank, find out who’s firing from within.” Came Pink’s response.

“Copy, stay safe.”  I looked at my squad “Team, we’re on our own, be careful, dont take any risks, we don’t know the intentions of these unknowns.  Let’s go.”


We progressed up the stairs and found the room the shots were coming from.  Looking around the corner, it was one man.  One man, and a bottle of Vodka… a LOT of bottles of vodka, actually.

I motioned to Thomas to take a look, he came back, looked at me and said “Is that a Russian?”

Getting Settled

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When we reached the surface, Furie, Pink and the rest of the team were there to welcome us, but once our guest emerged from the stairwell, weapons were drawn faster than lightning, all aiming at 13wayz.

“Everyone stand down! Furie, this is the man I told you about!  He is not a zombie, he merely looks like one, kind of like the Rite Aiders.  He is a friend, not an enemy.  Everyone, please, stand down!”  I said, taking a position between my allies and 13wayz, so as to prevent them from opening fire.

“It’s true,” 13 began “I had to eat the flesh of the dead to survive down there.  I mean no harm.”

Furie and Pink exchanged a look and lowered their guns

“Alright, if Night vouches for you, we will trust you.  For now.”  Pink said, motioning for us to come sit down and get something to eat.

After having our fill of food, we got down to business, trying to figure out how to get our base back into operational standings.

“Obviously we need to fortify the perimeter, set up a watch detail, scav teams and hunters.  This is in addition to rebuilding our base from the inside as well, of course.” I stated

“I agree, the remains of this city are crawling with resources, but also there are too many zeds roaming around for us to safely extract said resources.” Pinkertonb5 started  “Any ideas?”

“I asked you a question.  Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my home?” The man holding the gun asked.

“I’m Night Angel, and these are my allies, Deadly Sins, Thomas420 and Zeus666.  We’re trying to clear out the infected so that we can get the power back on.  We don’t want any trouble with those still living.  May I ask who you are?”

“Name’s 13wayz, and I wouldn’t quite say that I’m living, but I’m not dead either.”  the man said, still pointing the gun at us.

“What do you mean by that?” Deadly asked him

The man shined his flashlight onto his face and what we saw was greatly disturbing.  His face was all bloody, looking like that of a zombie.

“I’ve eaten the flesh of the dead, and the zombification process for some reason didn’t kill me, instead just horribly disfigured me.”  He stated, lowering his gun.  “I was  a FEMA employee before the Outbreak, and I can move among the dead more freely than you.  The levels below are overrun with them, if you will allow me to accompany you, I will scout ahead to help you get out of there alive.”

“It would be an honor.” Zeus stated, extending his hand to shake, which 13wayz declined.

“I don’t want to potentially spread the infection.” he stated

Over the next few hours, we swept through the remaining floors of the compound and reached the boiler room.  Reactivating the boiler and power generators, we got the lights and comm systems back online.

“Furie, can you hear me?” I radioed to the surface

“Loud and clear Night, I see you got the lights back on, good job.”

“Yeah, well, we had a little help from an old FEMA worker who… well, you will have to meet him.  We’re going to clear out the last few levels and will be back up when done.”

“Copy that.  We will be ready for you.  Pinkerton just got back from doing a supply run, she came back with some fresh meat and veggies.  We will save all of you a plate.  Furie, over and out.”


I turned to 13wayz and asked him “What do you know about the outbreak?”

“All I know is that the government knew about it.  They’re the ones who unleashed the zombies into this base.  I survived by hiding in a supply closet, and then when it sounded like it had calmed down a little, I emerged to find a shitload of zombies and no one else still alive. I had to fight to stay alive, and in the end had to eat what I killed.  I’m not proud of it, but I did what I had to do.”

“Well, once we get out of here, there is this place in New Castle called Rite Aid where everyone looks like you, because they did what they had to do to survive.  We could try to get you hooked up with them if you wish.”  Thomas said

“Sounds good to me.” came the reply.


“Alright, let’s get moving, we still have a few floors to cover if we want to get power back on.  This floor was mostly living spaces, so that means that, theoretically, the next few should be computer labs and research wings.  Am I correct in that thought Furie?”  I said, trying to develop a plan.

“Yeah, the next two floors are computer labs, and the two after that are R&D.  The Computer labs are rather small, but if we can secure them and get power flowing again, they might be able to clue us in as to what is really going on with the Zombies.”

“Understood.  Everyone ready to move out?”  I looked around at the extermination crew around me, they all nodded the affirmative.  “Alright, Deadly, you and I will take point Thomas and Zeus, cover our six.  Let’s go.”


As we descended down the stairs, one thing became increasingly clear: We were heading deeper underground, meaning that communications would be sketchy until we got the power back on.

“Furie, we may loose radio contact, we’re descending into sublevel 2.  Give us two hours, if the power isn’t back on or we haven’t made it back into comm range, barricade the door.”

“Roger that, good luck.”

As we entered the first computer room, we noticed how eerily quiet it was.  There was no shuffling or moaning, no sound at all to signify the living dead were present.

“I don’t like the looks of this.  Come on, lets make our sweeps and get out of here.”  I said. The others shared my sentiment and we began our sweep of the floor, checking behind every door in every room, making sure that no zeds were around.  The only things we noticed were the massive amounts of government documents, and a few corpses that we bashed on the head just to be safe.

“Night, come here, I think I may have found something.”  Came a call from Deadly.  Walking over to one of the computers I saw that it was powered on, rigged up to a very advanced looking generator.

“Well now, this is interesting.  Still warm too… its been used recently.”  Thomas said, looking around for signs of life.

“Furie, can you hear me?” I called over the comms.

“Yeah….arely….ou”  came the broken response

“We’ve found a portable generator down here, hooked up to a computer.  Its still working, we think there may be a survivor down here or something.  We’re going to keep looking”

“…opy that.”

We then proceeded down the next flight of stairs and were met by much the same scene as the floor above us, we swept the rooms and made sure that there were no surprise zees, and what we found here shocked us.  We found a makeshift bed created out of cardboard boxes and old papers and files.

“What the hell is this?  I didn’t think zombies slept.” Zeus remarked

“They don’t.” came a voice from behind us.  We turned around to see a gun leveled at us.  “What the hell are you doing in my home?”

Cleaning House, pt. 1

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As we descended the stairs into the first underground level of the FEMA base, the first thing I noticed was how cold it was.

“Furie, do you have a map of this place up there?  I’m looking for a control room or something.  Somewhere that I can turn on the lights and power for this place.”  I asked over the comm link.

“Give me a couple minutes to look”  Came her response.

“Copy that.” I looked at the folks who were with me, “What’re your names?” I asked


“Call me Zeus666”

“Deadly Sins”

“Thomas 420”


“Glad to meet y’all.  They call me Night Angel.  Are all of you familiar with military room sweeping protocol?”


They all nodded the affirmative.  I motioned for them to stay close, and we began sweeping through each and every room, systematically killing each and every zed we found.  One shot to the head, either with guns or blunt weapons was all it took.  Deadly and Thomas shot the zeds, Zeus and Myself double tapped with our baseball bats.  You have to be thorough with these damn things, or else they will pop up again and bite ya while you aren’t looking.

After we’d cleared the floor we stopped for a short breather, and to clean ourselves up a little, check for wounds etc.  Furie got on the comm and informed us that the  boiler room was on sublevel 4.  I looked at the men who were with me and we knew then that we were in for the long haul.  We had to reach that boiler room soon to get power restored, or else we were never going to survive.