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Lost Transmission

Posted: July 7, 2014 by kenkrebs in FEMA


My name… Night..gel from… Region 6. I’m…. Paladin HQ in… DC… taken down… longer a threat.  I’m trapped… stuck in the… surrounded by Zombies…. anyone can hear this… send help.

*More static*


This transmission has been going throughout the Infected zones via the CVC communication array for months.  Many think it to be a rouse to get survivors in one poorly defended area so they can be slaughtered by the Green Zone inhabitants, by the government of old.  Others believe it’s true, a call for help by a desperate soul, but can’t understand why someone from the most prosperous Stronghold in the Infected Zone would go it alone to take on an organization such as Paladin.  There are two things that many of the survivors know: Night Angel was one of the founders of FEMA Region 6, and he went missing almost a year ago without a trace.


Most of the FEMA team gave up the search a long time ago, once their Stronghold started to become stronger, more prosperous.  They could no longer keep up their search for their friend.  Then, the transmission started, and the old guard of FEMA began to wonder if their friend was still out there.  They knew he was a crafty opponent, and not someone to underestimate, but they didn’t know if he had the skill required to take out a whole shadow organization by himself.  They were cautiously optimistic that their friend was still alive, but were indecisive on if they should risk the resources to attempt a rescue mission.