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I woke up to the sounds of gun fire.

I listened for a moment and realized it was coming from Tomorrow Land.

I slowly made my way to the window that overlooked that area and scoped out the situation.

I saw a small force of men doing a sweep of the area. I must have been spotted when I was exploring. A camera, sensor, or some other alarm system I missed.

I was trying to figure out my next move, when I heard someone blow a whistle.

The squad stopped what they were doing and lined up in front of the Carousal of Progress. Some guy with a clipboard walked over and started to talk to them. More like scream at them actually. He didn’t seem extremely happy.

With the troopers lined up and standing still, I got chance to take a better look at them. My blood ran cold when I recognized the uniforms. They were Paladins.

The guy in charge double timed them to a couple of other areas where they continued their sweep drills.

After a some more practice runs, and a lot more yelling, he marched them to the front gates of the Magic Kingdom.

A little bit later I saw the monorail start up and head to the Contemporary resort.

Well, now I know why this place wasn’t activated and turned into a Green Zone area. Paladin had taken it over and re-purposed it into a training camp.

I thought back to my previous trips to Disney.

While I had usually taken the bus system to get around, I did ride the monorail system a couple of times.

The rail that left the magic kingdom went through the fourth floor of the Contemporary hotel, as well as two other resorts.

I’d never gotten off at the Grand Floridian or Polynesian Resorts, but from what I saw of them from the rail car they would be hard to defend.

The contemporary on the other hand was ideal. You could totally block the ground floor and still get in and out via the monorail. This would give you plenty of room for living quarters.

Additionally, if you got rid of the ramps at the ticket and transportation center stop, you could safely switch over to the monorail that went to Epcot.

Now, unlike the Magic Kingdom, Epcot is totally surrounded by water.

Give a combat engineering team a couple of days to blow up the bridges, and you have a completely isolated area which, again, can only be accessed by the monorail.

It would be an ideal HQ for Paladin.

Now how do I verify it?



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Kadie and I had made it back to the States, opting to shorten our land journey by taking the boat down the coast to the gulf.  Stopping in New Orleans to stock up on supplies, we approached Algiers Point, asking for temporary refuge, hoping for a hot meal and soft bed to sleep on.

We were met by Puggamoo, who explained that they would be more than happy to give us a few supplies, but they couldn’t afford to let us stay with them, not after the incident with Chyram a while back.  She told us of a place a little further into the city where we may be able to find a place to stay the night, but warned us that the way there was swarming with Zombies, including a new breed dubbed by the CVC to be “Destroyers”.

The CVC had put out a bounty on these monsters, paying good money for the death of one of these behemoths.  Curious, I managed to convince Kadie to come with me to investigate.  Thanking Puggamoo for her help, and the help of Algiers Point, we headed off to see if we could find a few Destroyers to take down.

Setting up on a rooftop, we both pulled out our favored weapon.  I chose my crossbow, Kadie chose her sniper.  I raised an eyebrow at her.  She smiled and said “It produces results, plus, it will be more likely to draw out the big boys.”

“Kadie, have I ever told you that I like your style?”  I said with a laugh.  With a smile, we proceeded to pick of some of the lesser zombies, keeping a wary eye our for our real prize.

After almost a half hour, we were starting to run out of ammo, and most of the zombies on the road below us were dead, so we decided to go to ground so I could collect my bolts, Kadie pulling out her pistol and machete.  I had collected half my bolts when we heard it.  A bellowing roar.  Metal crunching.  I looked at Kadie, and we silently agreed to get to the shadows, try and make our way to higher ground.

No sooner had we made it to the alley than a car came crashing down out of the blue.

OH SHIT! I thought.  I grabbed Kadie’s arm and motioned for her to get down and stay quiet.  My heart was racing, and I could tell hers was as well.  A few seconds later, a giant appeared at the mouth of the alley.  It was almost seven feet tall and all rippling muscles.  It looked a lot like a Hulker, but on steroids.  It was looking right at us.

Kadie… RUN!”  I yelled, throwing a couple hand grenades as we started down the alley, trying to make it to the other side before the beast made it to us.  I heard the grenades go off and the zombie roared, but that seemed to just piss it off even more.  It came charging at us, punching holes in the buildings around us.  As we ran, I pulled out my assault rifle.  Pausing, I wheeled around and unloaded my clip in the Destroyer’s direction.

I know I made contact with a few of my bullets, I heard the zombie yell out its frustration.  “Kadie!  Cover me!” I yelled, pulling out my Katana.  Hearing the bark of Kadie’s rifle, I charged the Destroyer.  Sliding between its feet, I sliced at its legs, trying to immobilize it.  Kadie stalked forward, trying to keep its attention on her, firing round after round into the things chest.  The beast howled and threw a punch my way, hitting me in the shoulder.  I felt a sharp pop and chouldn’t feel my left arm anymore.  I thrust my sword at its wretched face, catching its eyes.  This gave Kadie the opportunity to line a kill shot up, blowing its brains out on the wall beside it.

Collecting the shackles, belt and head of the beast, we made our way back to our boat, determined to avoid more of those Destroyers at all costs.

We made it back to the boat without incident, and shoved off, heading towards Houston, where we could hopefully find a ride back to FEMA.