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Lost Transmission

Posted: July 7, 2014 by kenkrebs in FEMA


My name… Night..gel from… Region 6. I’m…. Paladin HQ in… DC… taken down… longer a threat.  I’m trapped… stuck in the… surrounded by Zombies…. anyone can hear this… send help.

*More static*


This transmission has been going throughout the Infected zones via the CVC communication array for months.  Many think it to be a rouse to get survivors in one poorly defended area so they can be slaughtered by the Green Zone inhabitants, by the government of old.  Others believe it’s true, a call for help by a desperate soul, but can’t understand why someone from the most prosperous Stronghold in the Infected Zone would go it alone to take on an organization such as Paladin.  There are two things that many of the survivors know: Night Angel was one of the founders of FEMA Region 6, and he went missing almost a year ago without a trace.


Most of the FEMA team gave up the search a long time ago, once their Stronghold started to become stronger, more prosperous.  They could no longer keep up their search for their friend.  Then, the transmission started, and the old guard of FEMA began to wonder if their friend was still out there.  They knew he was a crafty opponent, and not someone to underestimate, but they didn’t know if he had the skill required to take out a whole shadow organization by himself.  They were cautiously optimistic that their friend was still alive, but were indecisive on if they should risk the resources to attempt a rescue mission.


From the desk of Night Angel

Posted: April 30, 2013 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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Hello folks, its been a while since I’ve posted anything related to the story I’m working on, and for that I apologize.  Life during the Zombie apocalypse is hard.  Today though, I have something I dug up from one of my school projects where we had to read the book “World War Z” and then write a chapter based off of it, as if we were survivors of the Zombie War.  I loosely based the story I wrote off of what I’m doing here on this blog, so I thought it would only be fitting if I shared it here as well.  Let me know what you think.


Cedar Falls, Iowa, United States

I meet my contact at the old Starbucks on the main street. Since the end of the war, this particular Starbucks has stayed pretty much the same old coffee shop. My contact wants to remain nameless, saying that the Government is still after him and his compatriots for what they did in Texas. He keeps looking over his shoulder, expecting Big Brother, or what remains of it, to be there to cart him away. Once we get our coffees though, he relaxes a little and instructs me to put his name down as Night Angel.



Where are you from?

Originally? I was born and raised on the Iowa/Illinois border in a town called Eldridge. After graduating High School, I moved around a lot, I spent a few years in old Des Moines, two in Council Bluffs, before finally settling here in Cedar Falls. At least, before the world ended I lived here. Since the end of the war, I’ve had to move around a lot to avoid detection. I’m actually leaving town tonight, trying to get away from the big cities.

What are you running from?

It’s not so much what as it is who. There are a few people in the new government who want to see me, and a few of my friends, captured and tried for treason. We did some things that weren’t very popular with the politicians and their propaganda.

Such as?

Well, For now, let’s just say that my friends and I took over an abandoned government building and used it as our base of operations to attempt to debase the rumors being spread by the government.

The propaganda?

Yeah, they kept saying things like “We have everything under control…” and “Please Stay Calm, everything will be fine” at first, and then as the war continued, they started saying that the disease was a bio-chemical attack by the Russians, then they changed their story to say that the disease was curable, and that everyone should flock to the big cities to get the cure. We know how well all of that turned out.

What did you do before the apocalypse?

Believe it or not, I was an English Teacher. I spent my weekdays and nights teaching the youth of Cedar Falls, and on the weekends I would go camping in the woods throughout the Midwest and elsewhere. I taught myself the skills needed for hunting, and learned more about tracking and foraging. I became quite skilled with night time tracking and hunting, as well as more proficient with hunting rifles and bows and crossbows. A lot of the parents didn’t like it, but they kept quiet. It was Iowa after all, we grew up hunting, they just didn’t feel comfortable with my openness about it I guess.

Can you tell me about the first zombie you ran into?

It was one of my students. Erick was his name. [After a few moments of silence, Nighthawk takes a drink of his coffee and glances off into the distance. I follow his gaze, he’s looking at what used to be a school building, but was now a Red Cross shelter.]

Erick was a Freshman, he was obviously sick, but it was finals week before summer break. Around lunchtime, I heard a commotion in the hallway, and the principal got on the intercom and issued a Lockdown. I went to lock my classroom door, and a few students came in from the hall. I looked down the hall and saw Erick hunched over someone. I went up to see what was wrong, and saw the person he was hunched over was his sister, Kayla. Her guts were spilled out and Erick was holding her entrails in his hands, getting ready to eat them. I gasped and stepped back, which caused him to look at me. He started coming towards me but I was able to get into my room and lock the door before he got to me. A few minutes later, we saw military vehicles pulling up to the school and men in full combat armor came out and entered the school. I didn’t know at the time what happened, they said that Erick was very sick and was being taken to Iowa City for treatment. I later found out that they had killed him on the spot, and took his body to Iowa City for examination, along with the body of Kayla.. It wasn’t long after that that the zombies really started to emerge in Cedar Falls, and I fled with my wife and a few students.

Where did you go?

At first we went to my wife’s hometown of McClelland, Iowa which is about 15 minutes from Council Bluffs. Most of my students had succumbed to illness, suicide or zombie bite by the time we reached my wife’s childhood home. The two students that were left of the original eight were welcomed along with us by her parents who raised cattle and had a small farm of their own. There were 9 of us living in that small house, my in-laws and brother in-law and his wife and kid, me and my wife, and two students.

How did you survive on the farm?

The students went to work helping around the farm, tending the livestock, weeding the garden, harvesting what they could, while my brother in law and I started setting up a perimeter fence. About a week after we arrived, I heard on the radio about how the military was being overrun in the south. I don’t know what prompted me to leave McClelland, but I decided to take a trip down to Kansas City, KS to take a look. My students wanted to come with me, my wife didn’t. She told me that if I left, to never come back. To this day, I still don’t know if she or her family are still alive.

What happened when you got to Kansas City?

I found the FEMA Region 7 headquarters demolished. Almost the whole city was in ruins and overrun with the dead. I met up with a guy who called himself Grisly Addams who said that he and a few of his neighbors who lived in Denton Texas, the home of FEMA Region 6, were holed up in the headquarters there, and that he was on a salvage run. He invited me and my students to join them there. Happy for some company, and potential safety, we went with him.

What happened when you got there?

We found the place under attack by zombies. The four of us were attacking them from the outside while Grisly’s neighbors were attacking from the inside. We managed to fight them off, but my student’s both received bites during the fight, and were sent away. I was welcomed in with open hearts and arms, though I had a difficult time dealing with losing my family and my students. [He pauses, taking another drink and scanning the crowd, almost as if he were looking for someone] After a while though, I forgot about them almost entirely, enjoying the company of my new family. We fortified the headquarters, cleaned it out and set up shop. We would venture out every few days to gather supplies and intelligence, but overall we kept to ourselves. We knew there were other pockets of survivors in Denton, but we ignored them as much as they ignored us. While we were scavenging in the old town hall, we found documents that suggested that the old government knew about the zombies well before they started taking over, but didn’t do anything. That was when we started infiltrating known government outposts, and when we started getting more support from the other local survivors. We found enough information that had the government still been intact, we would’ve been able to get almost every high ranking government official tried for conspiracy and treason. Its kind of ironic if you think about it.

How so?

Well, I have knowledge that could bring the government crashing down stored away in a safe location. Information that would brand a lot of the officials as terrorists and unpatriotic. That’s exactly what the government is saying about me and my friends.

It seems kind of odd that the government would have known about the zombies before they even reached the United States, doesn’t it?

Not if you think about it. Sure, this was a global pandemic, millions of lives at stake, but since when did the old government ever share everything with the populace? That was part of what we wanted to reveal to the public, the fact that the government had been lying to us for years. We became notorious among the political circles that still existed. We would infiltrate their compounds, sneak past all their guards and break into their record offices and take what we needed, never harming anyone unless we had to. I think that’s what pissed them off the most, the fact that we almost never killed anyone, and we still were able to get the information we came for.

So why is it that the new government is after you and your comrades?

Because of what we know, what we saw. They consider us security risks. This new government is very heavily based off the old one, with a lot of the same officials. The fact that we’ve evaded them this long proves they haven’t changed much, they still can’t find the “terrorists” they are looking for. That or that I’ve just become excessively paranoid, either way. [he laughs] Did you know that there is actually a bounty on us? Anyone who brings me, or any of my comrades into the local government will get a nice reward of property left vacant by the previous owners either being dead, undead, or just unaccounted for as well as a nice chunk of political clout. That’s another reason I move around so much, I don’t want anyone to get to know me well enough to learn my secrets, or figure out who I am.

Then why are you telling them to me?

[he smiles impishly] Because someone has to get the truth out there. That the new government is just as bad as the old one. We figure someone like you is more concerned about the truth than money, land or power.

What makes you say that?

We’ve been keeping an eye on your work for a while now, it is of great interest to us. We’ve already given one of your superiors all the information we have on the corruption of the government, both old and new. I wouldn’t be surprised if within the next month government officials start either disappearing or resigning.

[We finish our drinks and say our goodbyes, then Nighthawk looks at me and sighs]

It looks like its time for us to part ways. Just know, we are keeping an eye on you, and if things start to get hairy, we will do our best to help you.

[I watch as he walks away, joined by a red-haired woman and a tall shaggy looking man, all of them disappearing in the crowd of people making the evening rush to Starbucks]

Reconnecting with the Team

Posted: January 7, 2013 by kenkrebs in FEMA
Kadie and I made it to Houston, to one of the Fema supply caches we had established a while back to serve as a command post for when we made scavenging runs to the city.  By the time we reached the old capitol building which housed our destination, it was nearing night.
We entered the building and made our way to the stairs that led to the upper level of the building, I warned Kadie of the traps we had installed, and told her to follow my steps exactly.  She nodded and fell into line behind me.  Making our way up the stairs, I started looking for the trip wires we had set up.  They had already been tripped.  I motioned  for Kadie to stop.
“Whats wrong?”  She asked
“Our traps are tripped… there may be zombies up here, be ready.”
She nodded, and we resumed our path up the stairs.  As we reached the top, I heard a shotgun cocking.
“Who’s there?” came a voice from the shadows.  it was a voice I recognized, but hadn’t heard in a long time.
“Brian, is that you?”  I asked
“Night?  Holy crap man, we thought you were dead!”  Brian said, coming out of the shadows, sawed off shotgun slung over his shoulder.
“You should know by now that it takes a lot to kill me.  I brought a friend back with me from Hollinwood Cemetery across the pond. This is Kadie.”  I said, walking into the cache room.  “We’ve got some catching up to do my friend.  I’ve found a lead on Paladin.”
“So did I.”  Brian said, recounting his adventure at Disney.  at the end of his tale, I was shocked.
“This goes deeper than I thought… We need to get back to home base.  Where’s the radio?”
“Judson and Vyae are on their way here now, they should be here shortly.”
*To be Continued*

The final Discovery at Disney

Posted: January 7, 2013 by kenkrebs in FEMA

*From the Journal of Brian S*


I waited a little longer to make sure no one was still around and made my way to one of the restaurants.

Once behind the counter I quickly found the entrance into the service tunnel.
The alarms and booby traps were extremely obvious, so whoever laid them out was more worried about zeds than people.
Using the info in the files, I located the storage areas and found them all cleaned out.
It took me a while to find what was supposed to be the base command center.   Whoever cleaned out the storage areas had obviously set off a fire bomb of some kind.
I spent the next two days sifting thru the ashes to find anything I could that would give some more info on this base or paladin in general.
Whoever had set the explosives had done a good job.  The only thing I was eventually able to piece together was a badly damaged US map with a few markings and symbols on it, and a couple of supply requisition forms for  something labeled Echo Base 2.
The markings on the requisition forms matched one of the symbols here at Disney on the map.  The requisition forms themselves were for a bunch of high end lab and containment equipment.  That would likely make EPCOT some kind of R&D site rather than the HQ.
If I assume the other symbol on the map here in Florida is for the magic kingdom, then somewhere in Las Vegas and California (Disney Land?) there are at least two more training sites.
I figured I’d gotten as much intel as I was going to so then next morning I used the tunnels to get outside the park.
The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful.  I made my way to the gulf cost and boosted a sail boat.  I followed the coast to until I found a safe spot on the Texas shore to land.
I spent the next few days traveling by foot, bicycle, and for a little while on a rather badly maintained Harley.
Tomorrow I should be able to get to one of the emergency radios we stashed out here when we were on scavenging runs.
Hopefully I’ll be able to arrange for a pick up and be home by the next day or so.

Test of the FEMA Emergency Broadcast System

Posted: November 7, 2012 by kenkrebs in FEMA

This is a test of the FEMA Region 6 Emergency Broadcast system.  Do not be afraid, Please Stay Calm.  We are en route to provide aide for those of you whom are lost in the wastes.  Avoid the zombies, and keep quiet.  We will be there soon.


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Kadie and I had made it back to the States, opting to shorten our land journey by taking the boat down the coast to the gulf.  Stopping in New Orleans to stock up on supplies, we approached Algiers Point, asking for temporary refuge, hoping for a hot meal and soft bed to sleep on.

We were met by Puggamoo, who explained that they would be more than happy to give us a few supplies, but they couldn’t afford to let us stay with them, not after the incident with Chyram a while back.  She told us of a place a little further into the city where we may be able to find a place to stay the night, but warned us that the way there was swarming with Zombies, including a new breed dubbed by the CVC to be “Destroyers”.

The CVC had put out a bounty on these monsters, paying good money for the death of one of these behemoths.  Curious, I managed to convince Kadie to come with me to investigate.  Thanking Puggamoo for her help, and the help of Algiers Point, we headed off to see if we could find a few Destroyers to take down.

Setting up on a rooftop, we both pulled out our favored weapon.  I chose my crossbow, Kadie chose her sniper.  I raised an eyebrow at her.  She smiled and said “It produces results, plus, it will be more likely to draw out the big boys.”

“Kadie, have I ever told you that I like your style?”  I said with a laugh.  With a smile, we proceeded to pick of some of the lesser zombies, keeping a wary eye our for our real prize.

After almost a half hour, we were starting to run out of ammo, and most of the zombies on the road below us were dead, so we decided to go to ground so I could collect my bolts, Kadie pulling out her pistol and machete.  I had collected half my bolts when we heard it.  A bellowing roar.  Metal crunching.  I looked at Kadie, and we silently agreed to get to the shadows, try and make our way to higher ground.

No sooner had we made it to the alley than a car came crashing down out of the blue.

OH SHIT! I thought.  I grabbed Kadie’s arm and motioned for her to get down and stay quiet.  My heart was racing, and I could tell hers was as well.  A few seconds later, a giant appeared at the mouth of the alley.  It was almost seven feet tall and all rippling muscles.  It looked a lot like a Hulker, but on steroids.  It was looking right at us.

Kadie… RUN!”  I yelled, throwing a couple hand grenades as we started down the alley, trying to make it to the other side before the beast made it to us.  I heard the grenades go off and the zombie roared, but that seemed to just piss it off even more.  It came charging at us, punching holes in the buildings around us.  As we ran, I pulled out my assault rifle.  Pausing, I wheeled around and unloaded my clip in the Destroyer’s direction.

I know I made contact with a few of my bullets, I heard the zombie yell out its frustration.  “Kadie!  Cover me!” I yelled, pulling out my Katana.  Hearing the bark of Kadie’s rifle, I charged the Destroyer.  Sliding between its feet, I sliced at its legs, trying to immobilize it.  Kadie stalked forward, trying to keep its attention on her, firing round after round into the things chest.  The beast howled and threw a punch my way, hitting me in the shoulder.  I felt a sharp pop and chouldn’t feel my left arm anymore.  I thrust my sword at its wretched face, catching its eyes.  This gave Kadie the opportunity to line a kill shot up, blowing its brains out on the wall beside it.

Collecting the shackles, belt and head of the beast, we made our way back to our boat, determined to avoid more of those Destroyers at all costs.

We made it back to the boat without incident, and shoved off, heading towards Houston, where we could hopefully find a ride back to FEMA.

The Voyage Home

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“Alright Night, here’s the deal.  I wasn’t able to get very far into that tablet.  I was only able to figure out a few things.”

“Like what Nic?  Anything worthwhile?”

Nic smiled  “Depends.  Do you consider names of low ranking officers and the location of a potential base wothwile?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

Nic handed me the tablet, and he wasn’t kidding.  Listed there on the screen were three names, and a set of coordinates in the USA.

I thanked Nic and my new friends at Hollinwood, and gave them a comm link so they could contact us at FEMA whenever they wanted.  I didn’t want to leave, but I missed my friends at FEMA.  Plus, with the news from this tablet, I needed to start investigating the coordinates.

Making my way through the city back to where I left my boat, I got the feeling I was being followed.  Looking behind me, I could see a shadowy figure hugging the buildings.  I took a sharp turn down an alley and hid behind a dumpster.  when the figure reached the opening, I could tell it wasn’t a Zombie.  Readying my Charbroiler, I called out.

“Who’s there, and why are you following me?”

“Night? Its me, Kadie.  I want to come with you, Nic and Kate didnt feel right letting you go off on your own.”

I emerged from my hiding place, and looked at her. “Alright, lets get moving then.  I want to get to the docks before nightfall.”

We made our way forward with little to no communication.  We get to the docks with no problems, untie the boat and cast off.

“Alright, Kadie, here’s the deal.  If you are going to be coming with me, you have to do what I say.  It’s going to be a few days before we reach land again.  If you have issues with taking orders from me, I will take you in closer to land and drop you off and you can go back to the cemetery.”

“No, I’m good, lets go.”  she said, smiling from ear to ear

“That’s what I like to hear”