The journey back home. From the journal of Brian S

Posted: June 24, 2014 by FEMA help in FEMA

It took me a lot longer to make it back to Indiana from the Oklahoma stronghold than my original trip down to Texas from Indiana had taken.

One of the things they don’t show in all those apocalypse films is that after a while, gasoline goes bad. Even if a fuel stabilizer is used, it only lasts about 12 to 15 months before it loses enough of its volatility you may as well use maple syrup to run your car. The stronghold has working vehicles because we have contacts with other survivor groups that have holed up in some smaller refineries and trade fuel for other supplies we provide to them, but I was stuck scrounging as I went. Therefore, after two years, most motorized transportation I was going to come across had become useless. Diesel generally still works, but it makes enough noise that not only do the zeds know you’re coming, but so does every marauder, pirate, war clan and other I’d rather be caught by a zed than them low life that’s found a way to survive by preying on others.

So what had taken few days on the trip down, took just over two months on they way back. Of course that includes checking out a couple of survivor camps on the way to see if my grandson had passed thru. As well as a couple of weeks giving some cannibal tribe the slip in Missouri.

Granted, the reason the cannibals were so dogged was that after the third day of avoiding them I decided to grab one to see if my grandson had been at their table (one way or the other). It turns out they had just moved into the area and hadn’t seen him. I’m not much for killing helpless prisoners (even cannibals who have been trying to eat me) but the idiot tried to call for help when some of his clan happened by before I could finish gagging him after our conversation.

I’m not sure exactly where he had fit in their hierarchy, but after that, they seemed very determined to put me on a spit. Eventually I had to back track and introduce the clan boys to a large herd of zeds I’d managed to trap in an old warehouse a little before I’d run into them. Once that was done, I finished making my way back to Kokomo without to much trouble. Now I just had to decide how to search for my grandson without attracting the entire zed population of Kokomo.


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