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From the desk of Night Angel

Posted: April 30, 2013 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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Hello folks, its been a while since I’ve posted anything related to the story I’m working on, and for that I apologize.  Life during the Zombie apocalypse is hard.  Today though, I have something I dug up from one of my school projects where we had to read the book “World War Z” and then write a chapter based off of it, as if we were survivors of the Zombie War.  I loosely based the story I wrote off of what I’m doing here on this blog, so I thought it would only be fitting if I shared it here as well.  Let me know what you think.


Cedar Falls, Iowa, United States

I meet my contact at the old Starbucks on the main street. Since the end of the war, this particular Starbucks has stayed pretty much the same old coffee shop. My contact wants to remain nameless, saying that the Government is still after him and his compatriots for what they did in Texas. He keeps looking over his shoulder, expecting Big Brother, or what remains of it, to be there to cart him away. Once we get our coffees though, he relaxes a little and instructs me to put his name down as Night Angel.



Where are you from?

Originally? I was born and raised on the Iowa/Illinois border in a town called Eldridge. After graduating High School, I moved around a lot, I spent a few years in old Des Moines, two in Council Bluffs, before finally settling here in Cedar Falls. At least, before the world ended I lived here. Since the end of the war, I’ve had to move around a lot to avoid detection. I’m actually leaving town tonight, trying to get away from the big cities.

What are you running from?

It’s not so much what as it is who. There are a few people in the new government who want to see me, and a few of my friends, captured and tried for treason. We did some things that weren’t very popular with the politicians and their propaganda.

Such as?

Well, For now, let’s just say that my friends and I took over an abandoned government building and used it as our base of operations to attempt to debase the rumors being spread by the government.

The propaganda?

Yeah, they kept saying things like “We have everything under control…” and “Please Stay Calm, everything will be fine” at first, and then as the war continued, they started saying that the disease was a bio-chemical attack by the Russians, then they changed their story to say that the disease was curable, and that everyone should flock to the big cities to get the cure. We know how well all of that turned out.

What did you do before the apocalypse?

Believe it or not, I was an English Teacher. I spent my weekdays and nights teaching the youth of Cedar Falls, and on the weekends I would go camping in the woods throughout the Midwest and elsewhere. I taught myself the skills needed for hunting, and learned more about tracking and foraging. I became quite skilled with night time tracking and hunting, as well as more proficient with hunting rifles and bows and crossbows. A lot of the parents didn’t like it, but they kept quiet. It was Iowa after all, we grew up hunting, they just didn’t feel comfortable with my openness about it I guess.

Can you tell me about the first zombie you ran into?

It was one of my students. Erick was his name. [After a few moments of silence, Nighthawk takes a drink of his coffee and glances off into the distance. I follow his gaze, he’s looking at what used to be a school building, but was now a Red Cross shelter.]

Erick was a Freshman, he was obviously sick, but it was finals week before summer break. Around lunchtime, I heard a commotion in the hallway, and the principal got on the intercom and issued a Lockdown. I went to lock my classroom door, and a few students came in from the hall. I looked down the hall and saw Erick hunched over someone. I went up to see what was wrong, and saw the person he was hunched over was his sister, Kayla. Her guts were spilled out and Erick was holding her entrails in his hands, getting ready to eat them. I gasped and stepped back, which caused him to look at me. He started coming towards me but I was able to get into my room and lock the door before he got to me. A few minutes later, we saw military vehicles pulling up to the school and men in full combat armor came out and entered the school. I didn’t know at the time what happened, they said that Erick was very sick and was being taken to Iowa City for treatment. I later found out that they had killed him on the spot, and took his body to Iowa City for examination, along with the body of Kayla.. It wasn’t long after that that the zombies really started to emerge in Cedar Falls, and I fled with my wife and a few students.

Where did you go?

At first we went to my wife’s hometown of McClelland, Iowa which is about 15 minutes from Council Bluffs. Most of my students had succumbed to illness, suicide or zombie bite by the time we reached my wife’s childhood home. The two students that were left of the original eight were welcomed along with us by her parents who raised cattle and had a small farm of their own. There were 9 of us living in that small house, my in-laws and brother in-law and his wife and kid, me and my wife, and two students.

How did you survive on the farm?

The students went to work helping around the farm, tending the livestock, weeding the garden, harvesting what they could, while my brother in law and I started setting up a perimeter fence. About a week after we arrived, I heard on the radio about how the military was being overrun in the south. I don’t know what prompted me to leave McClelland, but I decided to take a trip down to Kansas City, KS to take a look. My students wanted to come with me, my wife didn’t. She told me that if I left, to never come back. To this day, I still don’t know if she or her family are still alive.

What happened when you got to Kansas City?

I found the FEMA Region 7 headquarters demolished. Almost the whole city was in ruins and overrun with the dead. I met up with a guy who called himself Grisly Addams who said that he and a few of his neighbors who lived in Denton Texas, the home of FEMA Region 6, were holed up in the headquarters there, and that he was on a salvage run. He invited me and my students to join them there. Happy for some company, and potential safety, we went with him.

What happened when you got there?

We found the place under attack by zombies. The four of us were attacking them from the outside while Grisly’s neighbors were attacking from the inside. We managed to fight them off, but my student’s both received bites during the fight, and were sent away. I was welcomed in with open hearts and arms, though I had a difficult time dealing with losing my family and my students. [He pauses, taking another drink and scanning the crowd, almost as if he were looking for someone] After a while though, I forgot about them almost entirely, enjoying the company of my new family. We fortified the headquarters, cleaned it out and set up shop. We would venture out every few days to gather supplies and intelligence, but overall we kept to ourselves. We knew there were other pockets of survivors in Denton, but we ignored them as much as they ignored us. While we were scavenging in the old town hall, we found documents that suggested that the old government knew about the zombies well before they started taking over, but didn’t do anything. That was when we started infiltrating known government outposts, and when we started getting more support from the other local survivors. We found enough information that had the government still been intact, we would’ve been able to get almost every high ranking government official tried for conspiracy and treason. Its kind of ironic if you think about it.

How so?

Well, I have knowledge that could bring the government crashing down stored away in a safe location. Information that would brand a lot of the officials as terrorists and unpatriotic. That’s exactly what the government is saying about me and my friends.

It seems kind of odd that the government would have known about the zombies before they even reached the United States, doesn’t it?

Not if you think about it. Sure, this was a global pandemic, millions of lives at stake, but since when did the old government ever share everything with the populace? That was part of what we wanted to reveal to the public, the fact that the government had been lying to us for years. We became notorious among the political circles that still existed. We would infiltrate their compounds, sneak past all their guards and break into their record offices and take what we needed, never harming anyone unless we had to. I think that’s what pissed them off the most, the fact that we almost never killed anyone, and we still were able to get the information we came for.

So why is it that the new government is after you and your comrades?

Because of what we know, what we saw. They consider us security risks. This new government is very heavily based off the old one, with a lot of the same officials. The fact that we’ve evaded them this long proves they haven’t changed much, they still can’t find the “terrorists” they are looking for. That or that I’ve just become excessively paranoid, either way. [he laughs] Did you know that there is actually a bounty on us? Anyone who brings me, or any of my comrades into the local government will get a nice reward of property left vacant by the previous owners either being dead, undead, or just unaccounted for as well as a nice chunk of political clout. That’s another reason I move around so much, I don’t want anyone to get to know me well enough to learn my secrets, or figure out who I am.

Then why are you telling them to me?

[he smiles impishly] Because someone has to get the truth out there. That the new government is just as bad as the old one. We figure someone like you is more concerned about the truth than money, land or power.

What makes you say that?

We’ve been keeping an eye on your work for a while now, it is of great interest to us. We’ve already given one of your superiors all the information we have on the corruption of the government, both old and new. I wouldn’t be surprised if within the next month government officials start either disappearing or resigning.

[We finish our drinks and say our goodbyes, then Nighthawk looks at me and sighs]

It looks like its time for us to part ways. Just know, we are keeping an eye on you, and if things start to get hairy, we will do our best to help you.

[I watch as he walks away, joined by a red-haired woman and a tall shaggy looking man, all of them disappearing in the crowd of people making the evening rush to Starbucks]



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Kadie and I had made it back to the States, opting to shorten our land journey by taking the boat down the coast to the gulf.  Stopping in New Orleans to stock up on supplies, we approached Algiers Point, asking for temporary refuge, hoping for a hot meal and soft bed to sleep on.

We were met by Puggamoo, who explained that they would be more than happy to give us a few supplies, but they couldn’t afford to let us stay with them, not after the incident with Chyram a while back.  She told us of a place a little further into the city where we may be able to find a place to stay the night, but warned us that the way there was swarming with Zombies, including a new breed dubbed by the CVC to be “Destroyers”.

The CVC had put out a bounty on these monsters, paying good money for the death of one of these behemoths.  Curious, I managed to convince Kadie to come with me to investigate.  Thanking Puggamoo for her help, and the help of Algiers Point, we headed off to see if we could find a few Destroyers to take down.

Setting up on a rooftop, we both pulled out our favored weapon.  I chose my crossbow, Kadie chose her sniper.  I raised an eyebrow at her.  She smiled and said “It produces results, plus, it will be more likely to draw out the big boys.”

“Kadie, have I ever told you that I like your style?”  I said with a laugh.  With a smile, we proceeded to pick of some of the lesser zombies, keeping a wary eye our for our real prize.

After almost a half hour, we were starting to run out of ammo, and most of the zombies on the road below us were dead, so we decided to go to ground so I could collect my bolts, Kadie pulling out her pistol and machete.  I had collected half my bolts when we heard it.  A bellowing roar.  Metal crunching.  I looked at Kadie, and we silently agreed to get to the shadows, try and make our way to higher ground.

No sooner had we made it to the alley than a car came crashing down out of the blue.

OH SHIT! I thought.  I grabbed Kadie’s arm and motioned for her to get down and stay quiet.  My heart was racing, and I could tell hers was as well.  A few seconds later, a giant appeared at the mouth of the alley.  It was almost seven feet tall and all rippling muscles.  It looked a lot like a Hulker, but on steroids.  It was looking right at us.

Kadie… RUN!”  I yelled, throwing a couple hand grenades as we started down the alley, trying to make it to the other side before the beast made it to us.  I heard the grenades go off and the zombie roared, but that seemed to just piss it off even more.  It came charging at us, punching holes in the buildings around us.  As we ran, I pulled out my assault rifle.  Pausing, I wheeled around and unloaded my clip in the Destroyer’s direction.

I know I made contact with a few of my bullets, I heard the zombie yell out its frustration.  “Kadie!  Cover me!” I yelled, pulling out my Katana.  Hearing the bark of Kadie’s rifle, I charged the Destroyer.  Sliding between its feet, I sliced at its legs, trying to immobilize it.  Kadie stalked forward, trying to keep its attention on her, firing round after round into the things chest.  The beast howled and threw a punch my way, hitting me in the shoulder.  I felt a sharp pop and chouldn’t feel my left arm anymore.  I thrust my sword at its wretched face, catching its eyes.  This gave Kadie the opportunity to line a kill shot up, blowing its brains out on the wall beside it.

Collecting the shackles, belt and head of the beast, we made our way back to our boat, determined to avoid more of those Destroyers at all costs.

We made it back to the boat without incident, and shoved off, heading towards Houston, where we could hopefully find a ride back to FEMA.

In the weeks that followed after we left Bluetone, the rest of the team got called back to base to help set up our new greenhouse.  Alone, I made my way to one of the last working ports in the country.  The Sharks controlled these waters, and I had to be very careful when dealing with them.

With FEMA’s recent ascension to the top 5 rated safe havens within the infected area, we had the resources to help other houses however we could, I offered the Sharks a supply line of medicine, but when they heard that I was hunting down info on Paladin, they offered me the use of one of their boats for free, as long as I included them in any assault we made on the Paladin HQ.  Apparently, they lost a few of their own to the bastards.

Now, almost a month after the siege at Bluetone, I reached my destination.  Hollinwood, Lancashire, England.  The home of one of my old contacts, Nic Saunders, a.k.a. the Wizard.  This man was capable of solving almost any issue, and was one of the best hackers I knew.  The problem was finding him.  He and his crew were holed up in some cemetery.  Walking through the town, I was painfully aware of the fact that life on Earth had come to a grinding stop.  I could tell that this area used to be a bustling community, thriving with people and shops of all types.

Lost in thought, I somehow managed to pick up a couple undead followers, and more were on the way.  “Oh shit…” I said, and broke off into a run, hoping I could find the Cemetery before the Zeds overwhelmed me.  I made a left turn and there it was, the stone archway leading into the cemetery.  I turned around and saw a full fledged horde.  Opening fire, I slowly walked to the arch and started yelling.

“Nic! If you are in there, I could use your help!”  was all I was able to get out before the shots started ringing from behind the walls of the cemetery.  The gates slid open a little and I felt strong arms pull me in, gates sliding shut behind me.

“Well Night Angel, you certainly know how to make an entrance.  To what do we know the pleasure?”

“Nic Saunders, I’m glad to see you’re still alive.  Shall we kill these bastards first, talk later?” I replied with a smile

“Sounds like a deal, but you better have a good explanation for bringing Hell to our doorstep.”

After an hour of Zombie killing mayhem, the last zed in the area was down, and Nic introduced me to the rest of Cemetery.

“Now, down to business, why are you here?” Nic said, sitting down at a table Kateland, the Cemetery’s leader, had procured for us.  Placing a beer in front of myself and Nic, Kate sat down with us.

“More importantly, how the heck did you get here?” she asked

“Funny story actually.  I borrowed a boat from the Sharks.”

“The Sharks? I thought they were non too fond of outsiders?” Nic asked

“They aren’t, but when I told them what I needed it for, they let up.  In the North American continent, the Government of the Green Zones have been sending out hit squads meant to take out the survivors.  They’re calling themselves Paladin.  Heard of them?”

Kate perked up at the mention of Paladin.

“Bastards killed my sister.”

“I am deeply sorry Kate. If its any consolation, I’m trying to shut them down.  That’s why I came here, I need Nic’s help.”  I said, glancing at the man. “That is, if he is up for a challenge?”

“What do you have?” he asked, a bit hesitant.  I passed him a copy of all the files I had on Paladin, as well as an old tablet I had found bearing the Paladin logo.

“The files are self-explanatory, its the tablet I’m interested in.  I’m wondering if you can get some info off of it for me, if there is anything left to salvage.”

“Give me a few days, and I will see what I can do.” He said, picking up the tablet and information and walking off.

“Night, we will let you stay here while Nic goes through the information on that tablet, just try to stay out of trouble.” Kate said, before rising herself and leaving the table.

Well that went about as well as expected. I thought, rising and walking around the Cemetery.  It feels nice to be in a new place, taking in the sights.  I only wish it were under better circumstances…




“Jogman, Pink, Keysha, Bryan, lets move.  I hear a vehicle up ahead.”  I said, and we began to move forward, sticking to cover as much as we could.

We had originally come to Toronto searching for supplies, but as soon as we entered the city, we picked up a distress call from Bluetone Productions, they were under attack by Zombies.  Getting our gear ready, we set out to find the radio station.

“NIGHT, GET DOWN!” Pink yelled, shoving me out of the way, as a shotgun blast hits the wall behind me.  In a flash, everyone is in front of Pink and I, guns trained on the assailant.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were well someone else. Did anyone get hit?” the girl asked

“Anyone bleeding?” Pink asked, as the others patted themselves down, checking for wounds.

The response was a resounding “No ma’am.” Satisfied, Pink helped me up, before turning on our assailant.

“What were you thinking?  You could have hurt someone!”

Seeing how pissed Pink was, I stepped in.

“Pinkertonb5, easy, no one was hurt.  We’re all a little jumpy,  seeing how there are far too few living among the dead, right friend?”  I said, looking at the girl in the bed of the truck.

She’s so young…what is she doing out here?  She knows how to handle a gun, but not under stress, so she definitely isn’t Paladin, or even formally trained.  Probably just another survivor turned commando.  Still, she looks like she has seen her share of battles, we will have to keep an eye on her, just in case…

I raised my gun on her while she wasn’t looking, and the sense of fear in her eyes intensified.

“Easy now, we don’t want anyone to make any other sudden mistakes, just take a deep breath. Nobody here wants to hurt you.” I said.  She’s more nervous than scared… that’s good, we can work with nervous.


Everyone’s gun shifted to the cab of the truck, where a… monster, for lack of a better term, was pointing a gun at us.  At the sound of his… her… its gun cocking, everyone but myself looked to the beast and they were all ready to take the shot to put it down if need be.

“Alright, alright! Hold it. You say you aren’t here to hurt anyone. Fine, then what do you want?”  the girl asked

My eyes stayed locked on her, watching for any sign that may signal that she was lying to me, or that she was signaling the Paladin hit squad that may have been waiting for us in the shadows.  A little paranoia never hurt, as long as it was controlled paranoia.

“We’re passing through looking for a radio station that’s supposed to be broadcasting in this direction. Do you know the location?”  I asked the girl as politely as possible, given the circumstances.

Her expression soured “Not sure I can help you, friend. Who sent you?”

Laughing to myself, I nodded at the girl she isn’t dumb, that’s for sure… “We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot here.  I’m Night Angel, and this is my team.  We’re just looking for information, that’s all…”

“You mean you’re looking to see if there are any survivors of the Cult attack so you can finish them off like the last of your troop who came through?” she interjected, in a very coarse and accusatory manner.

Pink and I exchanged a look which was shared by a few other members of the troop as Jogman piped up and said “Wait did she just say Cult? Night Angel what the fuck is going on here?”

I shook my head and motioned for him to be quiet.

“You’re one of them aren’t you? The hit squads being sent out from the Green Zone to slaughter those of us who are not just surviving, but managing to thrive?” the girl asked

I raised my fist, telling the team to lower their weapons, before turning my attention back to the girl.  “We are not a part of Paladin but clearly you have either seen or heard of them. Well armed men in black uniforms, geared beyond what most out here have? Perhaps you’ve seen even government documentation mentioning them?”

It was a long shot, but maybe, just maybe this girl and her pet would have information we could use.  We’d been away from home for a week going on two and were ready to head back empty handed.  Maybe, just maybe this girl has some useful intel…

She nodded her head “I’ve seen a few scraps and had a dust up with two once, but mostly they leave me alone. Most of what I know I’ve heard from others. I don’t think that the Green Zone feels I’m a serious enough threat given that I got my hands full as is with the Cult.”

Jogman interrupted her “Again, Cult, what the hell are you talking about woman?” before Pink could silence him and remind him that I handle questioning new contacts out in the field.

The girl looks at Jogman and replies rather tersely “There’s been a fanatical Cult that has formed. They are creating zees among their followers. They’re being led by a man named Charles Wagner. The group recently performed an organized and planned attack on Bluetone Productions, the radio station you’re looking for. In fact we’re trying to get back there now with the equipment needed to put her back on the air. Jammer’s waiting for us but they’re surrounded by a force of fifty to a hundred zees easy. That’s what is left over from the attack.”

I sighed “A Cult… great.  This is news to us, but we have been focused primarily on Paladin.  Brian, that dish looks pretty rough, go take a look at it, is it still serviceable?”

Brian walked up to the truck and hopped in back with the girl.  After a few moments of silent inspection, he reported back.  “I don’t know sir. I don’t think it will work again. The dish is cracked and I think some of the wiring has been torn inside. Also this antenna looks like it’s been bent all to hell and back.  I think that all its good for now would be spare parts.”

This is getting old fast, and I’m starting to get frustrated… “Alright, we need into Bluetone. They might have information and they can spread our broadcast if we need it. None of that will matter if they don’t have a usable dish. I assume you’re taking this crap there because something happened to the one they had?”

“Yeah, the Cult happened, they tore the old one down.” She said, wrinkling her face in disgust

“That is a very organized and focused attack. I can see how this Cult has your concern. Keysha get on the radio and contact the base.”  I said, turning to the woman.  “See if Furie will authorize us shipping out a dish here for Bluetone. Thomas has been taking stock in the RnD labs. He’ll have the best idea of what’s surplus for us.” Keysha nodded, stepping aside and turning on the radio.

“Furie?  It’s Keysha.  We’ve found someone who can put us into contact with the Radio station, but they are in need of a new dish.  Can you get Thomas to check storage, see if we have a radio dish we can ship this way?”

“Let me find him and see what we’ve got in stock.  Give me a few minutes” came her reply.

“Of course that doesn’t solve the problem Bluetone is in. We’ll come in and help you clear out the entrance. Should be enough of us for that if there is some decent cover?” I asked the girl, choosing to ignore her pet all together.  I knew that if it came charging at us or started shooting us, Pink and Jogman would have it on the ground dead before it could do too much damage.

“I think so, if we approach from the south and take to the roofs. Also we can let them know we’re coming ahead of time. They have speakers and can draw the attention to the front.” the girl responded, clearly unhappy that we were taking charge of the situation.

“Alright, let’s get you folks back home and then I’d like to hear more about this Cult. Brian, break out the stealth field generators. We need two for these people.  There are bound to be some rotters roaming the streets, and the faster we can get to the station, the better.” I said

“I’m actually not from Bluetone. I’m Chyram from Terry Fox, and my companion is from Sharks Tattoos. We were coming to check on Bluetone after contact was lost. Ezekiel from KSAT-TV sent us.” the girl told us

I looked at her friend Sharks Tattoos… does that mean that there are more people out there like this one… we may have to be more careful now… “A television station as well?  Keysha pass on that information, we need to pick up that signal and monitor for any information on Paladin.”

Keysha nodded her head and went back to talking for a few moments before responding, “Furie has cleared the transfer. She’s going to have Thomas prep the equipment and crate it properly so there’s no damage in transportation.  She’s going to send Jack Diesel and VonGravy with one of the old relief trucks with it.  Should be here in about 3 days. ”

“You should probably know that as soon as they come back on air Bluetone will be a target again, either by the Cult or Paladin. They have repelled at least three government attacks.”  The girl, Chyram, replied.

I looked at her and smiled “Keysha, have Furie send Djbooya and Minixie as well as some ammo, supplies and SFG’s.  If this Jammer has as much info as I think he has, he may need our help defending his station.”  I turned to the two in the truck “Ready to go put down some dead?”

Upon our reaching the destination, Chyram contacted Jammer, only to have the headset taken by Keysha.

“Jammer, this is Keysha of FEMA Region 6.  We’re here to help you reclaim your station.  We are on the roof of a building on the south side of the station, if you can draw the zeds to this side, we can help you take them out.”

Moments later, an all too familiar song started playing on the loudspeakers

All of us exchanged smiles before the first of the zeds started to show up around the corner of the building.  “Its showtime FEMA.  Let’s do this.” I said, before taking aim and squeezing off shot after shot, systematically hitting zeds left and right, dropping them like flies.  After I had squeezed off two shots, Pink joined in, after four, Jogman, we were staggering our shots so that we could continually keep pressure on the advancing horde.

After a few minutes, the dust had settled, and we made our way to the front doors of Bluetone Productions, picking off any crawlers as we went.  As we reached the front doors, a man strode out with a grin on his face and a rifle on his shoulder.

“Jammer?  I’m Night Angel of FEMA Region 6.  I’d like to inform you that we have a new dish, some supplies, and a few extra troops heading this way to help you defend your station, if you want them.  They will be here in about a week.”

The man’s smile disappeared. “That’s not quite what I wanted to hear, but I’ll take it anyway.  What can I do to repay you?” He asked.

“I’m in need of information, information I’m hoping you may have, or be able to acquire.  Ever heard of a group called Paladin?”


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“So what do you have for me Deadly?  These ‘Paladins’ are what killed the majority of my squad after the Outbreak.  I intend to make these bastards pay.”  I said, as we walked downstairs.

“Well, simply put, its information showing that Paladin was formed shortly before the Outbreak, by order of the President of the United States, to hunt down and terminate threats to the government.  I’m assuming that shortly after the Outbreak, the group was re-purposed, given the task to hunt down and terminate survivors.”

When we got to the archives, Deadly handed me a folder “This contains all the information the original FEMA members had on Paladin.  It’s not much, but its a start.”

I started sifting through the file.  The first page summed up all I needed to know.

“Paladin is a black operations group dedicated to the eradication of threats to the American people.  These threats can include, but are not limited to Terrorism (eco, religious or otherwise), International security threats, as well as National crises or disasters.  They receive training in multiple forms of martial arts, as well as specialized weapons training.  In times of distress, they will be deployed to regain control and help keep the peace.  They will be granted emergency powers in the event of governmental distress, and will be above all but the President him or herself, and will only take orders from the desk of the President, wheresoever that may be.”

Official Government Document, do not reproduce

Probably the most disturbing thing about the whole paper was that it bore the Presidential seal.

The folder contained more documents detailing the specifics of a “Paladin’s” training, diet, and where all the local Paladin training grounds were.

“A Paladin will be an exemplar of what humanity should strive to be.  They will be in peak physical and mental condition, and will be trained in pairs.  They will be expected to live, train and be together until they are like one mind.  They will be the countries elite fighting force, putting all others to shame.”

“Deadly… We need to find a way to lure these ‘Paladins’ out into the open, on our terms.  I have a few questions for them.”

New Info

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After about an hour of moving through the alleys we made it back to base.  We arrive to Furie and Doc waiting to give us our inspection, and upon entering the room, their guns are on Vicktor.

“Who’s this?”  Furie asks

“This is the guy who helped us get out of there with our lives.  I vouch for him.”  Pink and I say in unison.  Furie looks at us, then lowers her gun.

“Alright, that’s good enough for me, lets get this over with.”

Doc begins examining us for wounds, bite or bullet, and gives us all an energy drink.  “This is a new recipe I’m developing, designed to give you all the energy, but none of the side effects.  You all are clean from grievous wounds, nothing a few pain pills wont fix.  Report to the confrence room on sublevel 3 for the Debrief.  Dismissed.”

We cracked open our drinks and chugged them down, feeling the strength and energy coming back to us almost immediately.  “It tastes like… grape soda?” Pink says, looking at Doc “How’d you manage that?”

“Easy, I took some scavenged Grape soda, isolated the flavorings and added them to my energy supplement formula.”  He said, smiling.  “I have a feeling this will hit big if we sell it on the black market.”  He turns to me and asks “Next time you go out, if you happen to find some other flavors of soda, and could bring even one can back, I may even be able to create more flavors.”

“I’ll see what we can find, but we have to put the needs of the Safe House first…”  I looked at the scientist, a sad look coming across his face “…but I think I know a few places we could hit up that may have something of use to you.”

“Gang, I have some news for ya.”  Deadly said, looking at me in particular.  “We’ve dug up some info on Paladin.  The Records in sublevel 8 have some information on them.”

“Let’s go.” I responded “The debriefing can wait.  Vic, you are welcome to stay as long as you wish, for now, please stay here so you can be properly introduced.  Deadly, show me what you found.”

We headed down to sublevel 8 “Deadly, what kind of info are we talking about?”

“The kind that may help overthrow the Green Zone.” he said, smiling.

White Russian

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“So Vicktor, how did you come to be in America?  Did the KGB have you on a mission here, or did you defect?”  Pink asked, as we were moving through the back alleys of Denton trying to make it back to base.

“KGB sent me in to investigate why CIA and other American intelligence agencies went dark.  Outbreak happened only a few weeks after I arrived in America.  I tried to contact KGB officials, but they had gone dark as well.  Days ago I got communication from other KGB agent saying they put out burn notice on all agents before going dark.  I fled, found myself here.”  Vicktor said, effortlessly moving through the alleys.

“So why help us?”  I asked

He looked at me and said “Because you are the closest thing to KGB still out there that isn’t trying to kill me.”