Interview with Paleobabe

Posted: April 22, 2013 by FEMA help in FEMA

Q:Where are you from?
A: I’m a Texan Canadian

Q:What did you do before the apocalypse?
A:I was a radiology tech in a hospital

Q:Can you tell me about the first zombie you ran into?
A:My first zombie was this patient who came in for emergency surgery. She wasn’t looking to good and reminded me of that scene from Dawn of the Dead. Boy was I surprised when she turned into a real life zombie. Thankfully her emergency surgery was for shattered legs so we cut her head off with the saw we use for amputations and called it a day.

Q:How did you survive in the early stages?
A:Having War around really helped. Then there was always my trusty hammer.

Q:What kind of background/skills do you bring?
A:I have a little bit of medical knowledge and I can think creatively under pressure. I am not afraid of a little blood and guts.

Q:How did you hear about FEMA?
A:We went north along the highway and heard of the underground bunker in Denton. Thankfully Furie let us in the gates.

Q:What other safe-houses have you been a part of?
A:I am a Fema lifer but my second home is 420 alert. I like to visit for a nice calm oasis. They’re good peeps.

Q: What do you miss most from the pre zombie apocalypse?
A:I really would love some brie. Maybe a little Project Runway too.


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