Interview with thisiscjhess

Posted: April 8, 2013 by FEMA help in FEMA

Q:Where are you from?
From: Killeen, the armpit of Texas

Q:What did you do before the apocalypse?
Before the apocalypse I really only played a bunch of video games. Not much has changed

Q:Can you tell me about the first zombie you ran into?
The first walker I ran into was my old calculus teacher from high school. He was really scary too, cause he was holding onto his calculator still. And his eyeball was hanging from the socket. Gross.

Q:How did you survive in the early stages?
I survived at first by building a treehouse. Of horrors. It was horrific, for the walkers.

Q:What kind of background/skills do you bring?
Skills? I have a few. I’ve been practicing on my force sensitivity. With it, I can see a zombie walking towards me from a distance of up to 100 yards away. During the day. I’m no Skywalker, but I’d make the Jedi proud.

Q:How did you hear about FEMA?
I went to school in Denton and remembered seeing the FEMA building. A few months after the outbreak I hopped into my Lil Chiquita and rode on up. It took forever but when I arrived everyone was so great. Until Janet inked me. I knew I belonged then.

Q:What other safe-houses have you been a part of?
FEMA is my first actual SH. I’ve visited a few, but once I joined I knew I was home

Q: What do you miss most from the pre zombie apocalypse?
What do I miss most? Either skittles or Internet porn. Oops. I mean Star Wars. I guess the world will never know what happens after episode 6. Too bad Disney can’t come in and save the day


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