Interview with Sheriff Grimes

Posted: April 1, 2013 by FEMA help in FEMA

Q: Where are you from?

A: Noonan, Georgia

Q: What did you do before the apocalypse?

A: I was the Sheriff of Noonan

Q: Tell me about the first zombie you ran into?

A: I woke up in the Noonan Regional hospital. I had been shot prior to the, outbreak or whatever it’s being called. I was in a coma. I woke up in the hospital to dead silence. No pun intended. It was eerily quiet. I got on my feet, drank as much water as I could find, and looked around. There were bodies everywhere. I wandered to the cafeteria, the doors were loosely chained. The sign read, “Dead Inside. Do Not Enter”. Suddenly, the doors pushed open and grotesque, discolored and mangled arms lurched for me. That’s the first time I encountered the dead.

Q: How did you survive in the early stages?

A: I got back to my house. To look for my wife Lori, and my son Carl. They had evacuated early. My partner, Shane had taken them to Atlanta. I was taken in by a man named Morgan and his son. They explained the outbreak. Told me about the early days. Taught me about the walkers and how they moved and what attracted them. He and his son showed me how to kill them. I took them with me to the Sheriff’s station, to fortify them with guns, ammo, clothes, MRE’s and water. Got a hot shower. That was nice. Then I set out to Atlanta to find my family.

Q: What kind of background/skills do you bring?

A: As a Sheriff I’m trained in small arms. Riot training helps. The herds of walkers move like an Occcupy Rally. I’ve delt with those. Negotiating skills help when dealing with survivors. They are the real problem. I kill the dead, but I fear the living.

Q: How did you hear about FEMA?

A: Early on at my first Safehouse, pinkertonb5 visited us. She was scouting the nearby areas for FEMA. She gave us much needed info and offered FEMA as an ally to Deer Park. We graciously accepted the offer.

Q: What other safe-houses have you been a part of?

A: Like I said. I holed up at an elementary school, Deer Park. I brought some folks along. We hunkered down pretty good. When I left to find Lori and Carl, many of the Deer Parkers headed to FEMA permanently. Laila, Kierst just to name a few.


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