Interview with Frost

Posted: March 11, 2013 by FEMA help in FEMA

Q:Where are you from?
A:I’m from Los Angeles, California. Parents were born in Cuba.

Q:What did you do before the apocalypse?
A: What I did before the apocalypse? I was in the us army (platoon sergeant).

Q:Can you tell me about the first zombie you ran into?
A:First zombie I ran into was by complete surprise. The bastard looked all decomposed and tried to bite me in the face. So I punched him in the face which knocked him back and sliced his head clean off with a kitana sword that was off to my left.

Q:How did you survive in the early stages?
A: I survived the early stages by sticking to my own. Hunker down in places where it was off the ground (cuz they can’t climb) and just move from place to place during the day.

Q:What kind of background/skills do you bring?
A:The skills I bring are trained by us army special forces, expert marksman with assault rifles, sniper rifles and pistols. Expert in hand to hand combat, extensive training stealth and undercover operations. Pathfinder and tracking abilities and kick ass/charming attitude

Q:How did you hear about FEMA?
A:I heard about FEMA cuz a young beautiful woman named ratoncita Perez seduced me over to FEMA (haha.)

Q:What other safe-houses have you been a part of?
A: last safe house I was in was Jade Garden.


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