Interview with King of limbs

Posted: February 18, 2013 by FEMA help in FEMA

Q:Where are you from?

A:I’m from Byron bay Australia.

Q:What did you do before the apocalypse?

A:Before the apocalypse I was a chef/pastry chef spending my free time playing bass in two bands. Whenever we could, we would go on tour abroad.

Q:Can you tell me about the first zombie you ran into?

A:The first zombie I ran into was when I was in NYC. The band had a day off playing a string of shows. We were so excited to be in the USA for the first time. My band mates and I were wandering around the lower east side. We came across people screaming and running so naturally we wanted to see what the commotion was. We looked into the shop front were people were running from and noticed a grey skinned man ripping into a young females neck over the counter of a florist. It was shocking to see and hard to believe. Dan, our guitarist ran to the grey pale skinned man and tore him off the girl. The girl was quite dead we noticed her neck had been chomped nearly the whole way through to her vertebrae. We turned to the writhing man that Dan held just in time to see him bite dans wrist. We all ran to dans aid and threw the man to the ground. Joining the panic we ran back to our accommodation.

Q:How did you survive in the early stages?

A:After the seeing the first attack we stole a car and fled the city trying to get to an airport. All were shut with no flights operating due to the spread of the “disease”. Panic was everywhere, we bandaged Dan best we could, hospitals were useless they were full of walkers and it seemed silly just to go because of a little bite anyway. We decided to drive southwest into the country more. Hopefully the disease wasn’t there….

Q:How did you hear about FEMA and what other safe-houses have you been a part of?

A:How did I hear about FEMA? During my early days in Umbrella Corporation after I lost all my band mates to the virus. I went traveling to our allies FEMA in Texas. The people there were lovely, accommodating and total badasses. I thought that would suit me just fine. After much deliberation I bid farewell to my fellow UC officers and survivors then joined the FEMA ranks.

Q:What kind of background/skills do you bring?

A:I never had much experience shooting firearms in Australia. But since the beginning of the apocalypse many skilled Americans have instructed me how they work. It has been very helpful in keeping me alive


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