The final Discovery at Disney

Posted: January 7, 2013 by kenkrebs in FEMA

*From the Journal of Brian S*


I waited a little longer to make sure no one was still around and made my way to one of the restaurants.

Once behind the counter I quickly found the entrance into the service tunnel.
The alarms and booby traps were extremely obvious, so whoever laid them out was more worried about zeds than people.
Using the info in the files, I located the storage areas and found them all cleaned out.
It took me a while to find what was supposed to be the base command center.   Whoever cleaned out the storage areas had obviously set off a fire bomb of some kind.
I spent the next two days sifting thru the ashes to find anything I could that would give some more info on this base or paladin in general.
Whoever had set the explosives had done a good job.  The only thing I was eventually able to piece together was a badly damaged US map with a few markings and symbols on it, and a couple of supply requisition forms for  something labeled Echo Base 2.
The markings on the requisition forms matched one of the symbols here at Disney on the map.  The requisition forms themselves were for a bunch of high end lab and containment equipment.  That would likely make EPCOT some kind of R&D site rather than the HQ.
If I assume the other symbol on the map here in Florida is for the magic kingdom, then somewhere in Las Vegas and California (Disney Land?) there are at least two more training sites.
I figured I’d gotten as much intel as I was going to so then next morning I used the tunnels to get outside the park.
The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful.  I made my way to the gulf cost and boosted a sail boat.  I followed the coast to until I found a safe spot on the Texas shore to land.
I spent the next few days traveling by foot, bicycle, and for a little while on a rather badly maintained Harley.
Tomorrow I should be able to get to one of the emergency radios we stashed out here when we were on scavenging runs.
Hopefully I’ll be able to arrange for a pick up and be home by the next day or so.

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