The Magic Kingdom: from the journal of Brian S

Posted: September 10, 2012 by FEMA help in Uncategorized

Not knowing what to expect, I decided to take the over land route to the Magic Kingdom, rather than drive up to the front gate.

I planted a few claymores and other nasties on my path to hopefully slow down any pursuers if I ran into a large pack of zeds or other unfriendlies.

It took me most of the day, but I finally got to the Magic Kingdom with a few hours of light left.

I came in through the woods by the Haunted Mansion, and carefully made my way through to Fantasy Land.

I’d tried to plan out how I would handle the various possibilities as far as encountering people and/or zeds go.

However, I totally had not expected this.

Absolutely nothing.

I mean Fantasy Land looked like it had been a major war zone. Bullet holes, scorch marks, you know the usual post apocalyptic landscape.

But there were no bodies anywhere.

Also no people, and no zeds what-so-ever.

I honestly wasn’t expecting a lot of zombies, but I’d figured that if the government wasn’t here, there would be a few walkers stumbling around.

I went to Cinderella’s castle and searched around until I found the entry to the apartment inside.

I made my way up, and set up my observation post.

I spent the next two days carefully observing each of the park areas from my perch on the castle.

Still, there was no sign of anything.

Frankly, it was really starting to freak me out. I mean the battle damage shows that there had been some zeds. This means someone cleared them all out, and cleaned up all the bodies.

So who were they, and where are they?

Also, why had no other zeds stumbled in here?

I spent the next day exploring a couple of the buildings nearby.

I found more signs of battle damage, but still no people or zeds.

Tomorrow I’ll go to one of the restaurants and find an entrance to the tunnels that run under the park.


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