Discovery at Disney continued: from the survival journal of Brian S

Posted: August 17, 2012 by FEMA help in FEMA
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It actually made all kinds of sense. On top of having living space for the top dog’s family members (something the greenbriar bunker had been lacking), Disney needed a ton of computers to run everything. This meant that the government didn’t even need to hide them, just come in, load your programs, and you have instant backup for all the CIA and DOD computers.

Of course it does leave the question, why wasn’t it made a Green Zone?

I stuck the file in my bag and started back upstairs.

When I got back up to the living quarters level of our stronghold I got the message that Night was taking a group of us on a long distance foraging expedition.

That trip eventually lead us to Bluetone Productions. I had put the whole Disney thing out of my mind until I was grabbing some stuff out of my tool bag to fix their broadcast equipment and found the file I had stuck in there.

Now, if I’d just stuck the folder back in the bag, I’d be safely back at FEMA with everyone else.

Instead I decided to show it to Night Angel to see what he thought about it.

Unfortunately what he thought about it was that if it had been a secret government base it might still have a stack of supplies we could use.

On the other hand, if the government had not made it a Green Zone because they had repurposed it, then having a bunch of us just show up could be very bad. Therefore, we needed someone to scout it out for us.

Then he looked at me and asked “By the way, how did you know it’s Disney World, it doesn’t actually say it anywhere in here?”

By the time I had finished explaining that Nancy and I had been Disney Vacation Club members and had been going down once a year for a number of years, and had done a bunch of the behind the scenes tours, I already knew who the scout would be.

Once we got Bluetone back online, Night Angel came to give me my marching orders.

Night Angel had a potential lead on Palidin and was off to where ever it was going to take him. The rest of the team was being recalled to base, so I was going to be on a solo mission.

It was a recon only mission. Go down and see if the government was there. If yes, get out. If not, see if there are supplies worth getting.

It was slow going at first, but I made a little better time when I hooked up with a caravan of survivors who were headed to the Florida keys. I don’t think the leader bought my story of me trying to find my parents, but she didn’t push it.

Four days later, I thanked them for the company and headed over to what used to be called the happiest place on earth.

Well enough reminiscing, tomorrow I’ll see if I can scout out the magic kingdom.


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