Discovery at Disney: an excerpt from the Survivor Journal of BrianS

Posted: July 26, 2012 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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As I look across what used to be the happiest place on earth I asked myself how did I get in this mess?

One of these days I will learn to keep my mouth shut. That’s assuming I live through this.

As usual it started innocently enough. I was down on level 6 trying to salvage any thing that might be of use when I ran across a locked door. Not just your standard deadbolt mind you, but a steel door, with a card reader and needing a pass code to enter kind of door.
We had found a few others before, and Night Angel had shown me how to do a bypass on the lock. Normally these were really valuable rooms containing meds, weapons, ammo, or something of equal or greater value
This one however, was really different. Inside was a desk, a chair, and a filing cabinet.
The amount of dust made it obvious that no one had been in the room for a long time. I mean even before the world went nuts.
I did a quick check of the filing cabinet, and everything in it was related to project Greek Island. I remembered this was the old Geenbriar Government relocation program that ran from the 50s through the 80’s.
I figured when the whistle got blown on the project they must have transferred the prior occupant of this office and normal gov inefficiency led to it staying empty.
I was about to leave when I noticed the bottom drawer had the title “Phase II”. Admittedly curious I opened it and did a quick read through.
It turns out the Greenbriar had been the “hurry up and get something now” location. The longer term, meet all the needs location, followed a hide in plain site idea.  Disney World.
  1. winterW says:

    Good one, cant wait to read the rest

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