The Wizard

Posted: July 17, 2012 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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In the weeks that followed after we left Bluetone, the rest of the team got called back to base to help set up our new greenhouse.  Alone, I made my way to one of the last working ports in the country.  The Sharks controlled these waters, and I had to be very careful when dealing with them.

With FEMA’s recent ascension to the top 5 rated safe havens within the infected area, we had the resources to help other houses however we could, I offered the Sharks a supply line of medicine, but when they heard that I was hunting down info on Paladin, they offered me the use of one of their boats for free, as long as I included them in any assault we made on the Paladin HQ.  Apparently, they lost a few of their own to the bastards.

Now, almost a month after the siege at Bluetone, I reached my destination.  Hollinwood, Lancashire, England.  The home of one of my old contacts, Nic Saunders, a.k.a. the Wizard.  This man was capable of solving almost any issue, and was one of the best hackers I knew.  The problem was finding him.  He and his crew were holed up in some cemetery.  Walking through the town, I was painfully aware of the fact that life on Earth had come to a grinding stop.  I could tell that this area used to be a bustling community, thriving with people and shops of all types.

Lost in thought, I somehow managed to pick up a couple undead followers, and more were on the way.  “Oh shit…” I said, and broke off into a run, hoping I could find the Cemetery before the Zeds overwhelmed me.  I made a left turn and there it was, the stone archway leading into the cemetery.  I turned around and saw a full fledged horde.  Opening fire, I slowly walked to the arch and started yelling.

“Nic! If you are in there, I could use your help!”  was all I was able to get out before the shots started ringing from behind the walls of the cemetery.  The gates slid open a little and I felt strong arms pull me in, gates sliding shut behind me.

“Well Night Angel, you certainly know how to make an entrance.  To what do we know the pleasure?”

“Nic Saunders, I’m glad to see you’re still alive.  Shall we kill these bastards first, talk later?” I replied with a smile

“Sounds like a deal, but you better have a good explanation for bringing Hell to our doorstep.”

After an hour of Zombie killing mayhem, the last zed in the area was down, and Nic introduced me to the rest of Cemetery.

“Now, down to business, why are you here?” Nic said, sitting down at a table Kateland, the Cemetery’s leader, had procured for us.  Placing a beer in front of myself and Nic, Kate sat down with us.

“More importantly, how the heck did you get here?” she asked

“Funny story actually.  I borrowed a boat from the Sharks.”

“The Sharks? I thought they were non too fond of outsiders?” Nic asked

“They aren’t, but when I told them what I needed it for, they let up.  In the North American continent, the Government of the Green Zones have been sending out hit squads meant to take out the survivors.  They’re calling themselves Paladin.  Heard of them?”

Kate perked up at the mention of Paladin.

“Bastards killed my sister.”

“I am deeply sorry Kate. If its any consolation, I’m trying to shut them down.  That’s why I came here, I need Nic’s help.”  I said, glancing at the man. “That is, if he is up for a challenge?”

“What do you have?” he asked, a bit hesitant.  I passed him a copy of all the files I had on Paladin, as well as an old tablet I had found bearing the Paladin logo.

“The files are self-explanatory, its the tablet I’m interested in.  I’m wondering if you can get some info off of it for me, if there is anything left to salvage.”

“Give me a few days, and I will see what I can do.” He said, picking up the tablet and information and walking off.

“Night, we will let you stay here while Nic goes through the information on that tablet, just try to stay out of trouble.” Kate said, before rising herself and leaving the table.

Well that went about as well as expected. I thought, rising and walking around the Cemetery.  It feels nice to be in a new place, taking in the sights.  I only wish it were under better circumstances…

  1. winterW says:

    More!!! 🙂

  2. xX357 MagnumXx says:

    This is Mag from Hollinwood. I thought this was pretty cool.

  3. Nic Saunders says:

    I wonder what is on the tablet!

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