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Posted: June 7, 2012 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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Trading is a very important part of post-apocalyptic dystopia, which is why, in my absence hunting down Paladin, I’ve asked Brian S. to write up a tips and trick guide of sorts for helping you make wise decisions in your trading methods.  Enjoy.


Trader level:In this game, cash is not usually that hard to get.  More often you will find you need supplies.

Supplies are needed for upgrading weapons and armor (needed for both better hunting and dueling).  Also many special missions will leave you scrambling for health packs.

Both health packs and upgrades get more expensive as you raise in levels.

While scavenging will get some supplies it’s not enough, and it uses energy.  So where are you going to get all theses supplies? Your outposts, that’s where.

Authors note: This help page was a little harder to write than others, as there is a lot of variations possible, with a great deal relying on play style.I will therefore give some overall information on trading outposts, and leveling up. Then give some general suggestions I’ve complied from various sources and my own experience.

First lets talk about leveling.  You get 1 skill point for each time you collect from one of your outposts.  Therefore the more outposts you collect from, the more skill points you get and the faster you level.This makes trader skill unique in two ways.

First you don’t need to use energy or stamina.  Second, because of this,  you don’t have to chose between this skill and another. I.e do I use my stamina to heal or duel.

Outposts:When you investigate a place, one of the options you will find at the bottom of your screen is build outpost.  If you hit this, a screen will appear with the types of outposts you can build at your current level. Each type either takes cash to build and will produce supplies, or take supples and produce cash for you.The more expensive the outpost, the higher the amount produced, and the longer it takes to produce.The cash/supplies can be used to build more outposts, repair or buy weapons, or upgrade weapons and armor.

Limits and penalties:Like all skills your trader skill level is limited to you overall level and you should keep it as close as possible.You can have 3 times the number of outposts as your current trader level.  However, if you exceed your current trader level, you get a penalty. Hence of your trader level is 10, you can have up to 30 outposts. However, you start getting penalized on the amount you collect from each if you have more than 10.  The further you go over 10, the higher the penalty.  You also can get penalties at the time you collect if the outposts are too far away from your current location. Again the further away the bigger the penalty.Finally you can get penalized if you collect too long after the time your outpost becomes available for collection.

How many outposts should I have? As stated earlier, you can have up to 3 times your trader level in outposts, but you get a penalty if the number exceeds you current trader level.While I’ve never seen their formulas, at least two individuals whose math skills I respect, have determined that you hit the best penalty to extra income ratio at 2.5 times your trader level.  Hence if your trader level is 26, your max output will be achieved at 65 outposts (2.5 x 26)  I have had a few that have said that they felt they maxed out at 1.5 times their trader level.  Use which ever you feel works best for you

A possible reason for this discrepancy may be availability of locations to place you outposts.  If the number of game locations near the real world location you normally are at when you collect from your outposts is limited,  you may find that the additional distance penalties make the additional outposts appear less desirable.

What type cash or supply?Again, as stated earlier, cash gets easier to get asupply producing 48 hr outposts, or I can put them in bars so when the next weapon comes up I can cash in the bars in and buy it.

What size outposts should I buy?  Again, there are as many theories on this as there are players, so I will give some over all considerations for you to keep in mind, and some suggestions that will work for most people.First and foremost how often can you play and from where?  If you can only sign on once or twice a day, then 3 and 6 hr outposts are pretty worthless to you. Most of the rest of this article will be of little value, and i suggest you stick to 24 (and as soon as they are available, 48 hr) outposts.

Otherwise here are some ideas to consider:

1) If your trader skill is really lagging behind your overall skill, you may wish to invest in the Max number of the 3Hr outposts you can. If you can try and collect every 3 hrs    , or at least as close as you can.  You will level up one or two levels per day.Your penalties will be pretty high so be prepared to do without much additional supplies for a while, but it’s the fastest way to catch up.

2) Try and keep all your similar outposts in sync.  It’s easier to go on once per day and collect all your 24hr outposts at one time then keeping track of a bunch of different collection times.  If you don’t sync. I.e. you prefer to have a little each day for flexibility. I suggest you set the timer on your phone so you don’t miss collections.

3) Mixed outposts: For the most part you will want the majority of your outposts to be the longest time you can.  It simply makes getting a lot of supplies at one time easier.  Which is needed when your upping the level of weapons and armor.   It also gives you enough to buy some bars, so you can have some available when you need it for med packs during one of those just how many hits is it going to take to kill this thing missions.The down side is that it also means you collect less often and your trading skill will drop behind your overall skill as you play.  It can therefore be beneficial to have some quicker collection time outposts in the mix to keep the gap closer.  How many and which type will vary based on issues discussed earlier. Personally I try and keep between 1.5 and 2 times my level in 48 hr outposts.  This gives me plenty of supplies for leveling weapons and putting some aside in bars for emergencies.  When I want to up my trader level I just buy 1 times my level ( bringing me to 3 times my level for total outposts) and run them till I catch up, then drop them.

5) Variations I am aware of:  Some strategies I am aware of that seem to work for people whom I’ve discussed this with are as follows.1.5 x level in 48hr, 1 x level in 24 hrAll are in sync. Gets one really big hit every other day to up weapons and armor. Uses the smaller hit on off day to by bars to use for healing when needed.1.5  x level of whatever your Highest producing outpost is and 1 x your level in 3 hr outposts. Will give you a decent supply collection at whatever level you are at and a slow bit steady increase in trader level.

Hopefully these will give you a starting point that you can then fine tune to your play style and level.


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