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Posted: May 28, 2012 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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A week had passed since we reclaimed Bluetone Productions.  There had been no sight of any new zeds or any of Chyram’s “Cultists” but after talking with Jammer in the aftermath of the attack, I have come to believe the girls word.

“Jammer, have you heard anything about a group called Paladin?” I asked

“Yeah, a little.  They were a pre-Outbreak strike force  Why?” the DJ responded

“Well, they aren’t exactly ‘pre-Outbreak’ anymore, I…” I began

“Wait, you’re telling me they are out there right now?  Why aren’t they helping us get rid of the walkers and rebuild society?” Jammer asked, pulling out a pencil and pad of paper, taking notes

“Well, because they are working for the Government inside the Green Zone, trying to wipe out survivors who are building a name for themselves.  Before I found FEMA, I ran into quite a few teams, wiped out a lot of my former contacts.  I’m trying to find out why they are trying to eliminate survivors.”

“Can you describe what survivors should look out for?”

God, this is like a debriefing all over again… I thought before responding

“They usually travel in squads of two, but I’ve seen squads as big as 6.  Wear all black SWAT team armor, and are armed to the teeth with weapons that are nearly impossible to find outside the Green Zone or for an arm and a leg at the ATCO markets. Sometimes they are hard to track though.  They were trained by the KGB, CIA, MI6 and lord knows what other pre-Outbreak intelligence agencies.”

“Do you have any other information on them that I could pass to my listeners, now that we have the station back up and running?”

I slid him a copy of the file from the FEMA Archives.  After he read through it, he nodded and excused himself.  I rose and shook his hand.  Gathering my team, we left Bluetone to move on to the next big find.

“Night, where are we off to now?” Pink asked, coming up beside me

I looked at her and smiled “We’re off to see the wizard.”

She looked at me incredulously “WHAT? What are you talking about?”

Laughing, I answered “What I mean is, we’re off to find a mode of transportation.  We’re going hunting for more info.  Just trust me on this one.”


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