The Hunt Begins

Posted: May 24, 2012 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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“Jogman, Pink, Keysha, Bryan, lets move.  I hear a vehicle up ahead.”  I said, and we began to move forward, sticking to cover as much as we could.

We had originally come to Toronto searching for supplies, but as soon as we entered the city, we picked up a distress call from Bluetone Productions, they were under attack by Zombies.  Getting our gear ready, we set out to find the radio station.

“NIGHT, GET DOWN!” Pink yelled, shoving me out of the way, as a shotgun blast hits the wall behind me.  In a flash, everyone is in front of Pink and I, guns trained on the assailant.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were well someone else. Did anyone get hit?” the girl asked

“Anyone bleeding?” Pink asked, as the others patted themselves down, checking for wounds.

The response was a resounding “No ma’am.” Satisfied, Pink helped me up, before turning on our assailant.

“What were you thinking?  You could have hurt someone!”

Seeing how pissed Pink was, I stepped in.

“Pinkertonb5, easy, no one was hurt.  We’re all a little jumpy,  seeing how there are far too few living among the dead, right friend?”  I said, looking at the girl in the bed of the truck.

She’s so young…what is she doing out here?  She knows how to handle a gun, but not under stress, so she definitely isn’t Paladin, or even formally trained.  Probably just another survivor turned commando.  Still, she looks like she has seen her share of battles, we will have to keep an eye on her, just in case…

I raised my gun on her while she wasn’t looking, and the sense of fear in her eyes intensified.

“Easy now, we don’t want anyone to make any other sudden mistakes, just take a deep breath. Nobody here wants to hurt you.” I said.  She’s more nervous than scared… that’s good, we can work with nervous.


Everyone’s gun shifted to the cab of the truck, where a… monster, for lack of a better term, was pointing a gun at us.  At the sound of his… her… its gun cocking, everyone but myself looked to the beast and they were all ready to take the shot to put it down if need be.

“Alright, alright! Hold it. You say you aren’t here to hurt anyone. Fine, then what do you want?”  the girl asked

My eyes stayed locked on her, watching for any sign that may signal that she was lying to me, or that she was signaling the Paladin hit squad that may have been waiting for us in the shadows.  A little paranoia never hurt, as long as it was controlled paranoia.

“We’re passing through looking for a radio station that’s supposed to be broadcasting in this direction. Do you know the location?”  I asked the girl as politely as possible, given the circumstances.

Her expression soured “Not sure I can help you, friend. Who sent you?”

Laughing to myself, I nodded at the girl she isn’t dumb, that’s for sure… “We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot here.  I’m Night Angel, and this is my team.  We’re just looking for information, that’s all…”

“You mean you’re looking to see if there are any survivors of the Cult attack so you can finish them off like the last of your troop who came through?” she interjected, in a very coarse and accusatory manner.

Pink and I exchanged a look which was shared by a few other members of the troop as Jogman piped up and said “Wait did she just say Cult? Night Angel what the fuck is going on here?”

I shook my head and motioned for him to be quiet.

“You’re one of them aren’t you? The hit squads being sent out from the Green Zone to slaughter those of us who are not just surviving, but managing to thrive?” the girl asked

I raised my fist, telling the team to lower their weapons, before turning my attention back to the girl.  “We are not a part of Paladin but clearly you have either seen or heard of them. Well armed men in black uniforms, geared beyond what most out here have? Perhaps you’ve seen even government documentation mentioning them?”

It was a long shot, but maybe, just maybe this girl and her pet would have information we could use.  We’d been away from home for a week going on two and were ready to head back empty handed.  Maybe, just maybe this girl has some useful intel…

She nodded her head “I’ve seen a few scraps and had a dust up with two once, but mostly they leave me alone. Most of what I know I’ve heard from others. I don’t think that the Green Zone feels I’m a serious enough threat given that I got my hands full as is with the Cult.”

Jogman interrupted her “Again, Cult, what the hell are you talking about woman?” before Pink could silence him and remind him that I handle questioning new contacts out in the field.

The girl looks at Jogman and replies rather tersely “There’s been a fanatical Cult that has formed. They are creating zees among their followers. They’re being led by a man named Charles Wagner. The group recently performed an organized and planned attack on Bluetone Productions, the radio station you’re looking for. In fact we’re trying to get back there now with the equipment needed to put her back on the air. Jammer’s waiting for us but they’re surrounded by a force of fifty to a hundred zees easy. That’s what is left over from the attack.”

I sighed “A Cult… great.  This is news to us, but we have been focused primarily on Paladin.  Brian, that dish looks pretty rough, go take a look at it, is it still serviceable?”

Brian walked up to the truck and hopped in back with the girl.  After a few moments of silent inspection, he reported back.  “I don’t know sir. I don’t think it will work again. The dish is cracked and I think some of the wiring has been torn inside. Also this antenna looks like it’s been bent all to hell and back.  I think that all its good for now would be spare parts.”

This is getting old fast, and I’m starting to get frustrated… “Alright, we need into Bluetone. They might have information and they can spread our broadcast if we need it. None of that will matter if they don’t have a usable dish. I assume you’re taking this crap there because something happened to the one they had?”

“Yeah, the Cult happened, they tore the old one down.” She said, wrinkling her face in disgust

“That is a very organized and focused attack. I can see how this Cult has your concern. Keysha get on the radio and contact the base.”  I said, turning to the woman.  “See if Furie will authorize us shipping out a dish here for Bluetone. Thomas has been taking stock in the RnD labs. He’ll have the best idea of what’s surplus for us.” Keysha nodded, stepping aside and turning on the radio.

“Furie?  It’s Keysha.  We’ve found someone who can put us into contact with the Radio station, but they are in need of a new dish.  Can you get Thomas to check storage, see if we have a radio dish we can ship this way?”

“Let me find him and see what we’ve got in stock.  Give me a few minutes” came her reply.

“Of course that doesn’t solve the problem Bluetone is in. We’ll come in and help you clear out the entrance. Should be enough of us for that if there is some decent cover?” I asked the girl, choosing to ignore her pet all together.  I knew that if it came charging at us or started shooting us, Pink and Jogman would have it on the ground dead before it could do too much damage.

“I think so, if we approach from the south and take to the roofs. Also we can let them know we’re coming ahead of time. They have speakers and can draw the attention to the front.” the girl responded, clearly unhappy that we were taking charge of the situation.

“Alright, let’s get you folks back home and then I’d like to hear more about this Cult. Brian, break out the stealth field generators. We need two for these people.  There are bound to be some rotters roaming the streets, and the faster we can get to the station, the better.” I said

“I’m actually not from Bluetone. I’m Chyram from Terry Fox, and my companion is from Sharks Tattoos. We were coming to check on Bluetone after contact was lost. Ezekiel from KSAT-TV sent us.” the girl told us

I looked at her friend Sharks Tattoos… does that mean that there are more people out there like this one… we may have to be more careful now… “A television station as well?  Keysha pass on that information, we need to pick up that signal and monitor for any information on Paladin.”

Keysha nodded her head and went back to talking for a few moments before responding, “Furie has cleared the transfer. She’s going to have Thomas prep the equipment and crate it properly so there’s no damage in transportation.  She’s going to send Jack Diesel and VonGravy with one of the old relief trucks with it.  Should be here in about 3 days. ”

“You should probably know that as soon as they come back on air Bluetone will be a target again, either by the Cult or Paladin. They have repelled at least three government attacks.”  The girl, Chyram, replied.

I looked at her and smiled “Keysha, have Furie send Djbooya and Minixie as well as some ammo, supplies and SFG’s.  If this Jammer has as much info as I think he has, he may need our help defending his station.”  I turned to the two in the truck “Ready to go put down some dead?”

Upon our reaching the destination, Chyram contacted Jammer, only to have the headset taken by Keysha.

“Jammer, this is Keysha of FEMA Region 6.  We’re here to help you reclaim your station.  We are on the roof of a building on the south side of the station, if you can draw the zeds to this side, we can help you take them out.”

Moments later, an all too familiar song started playing on the loudspeakers

All of us exchanged smiles before the first of the zeds started to show up around the corner of the building.  “Its showtime FEMA.  Let’s do this.” I said, before taking aim and squeezing off shot after shot, systematically hitting zeds left and right, dropping them like flies.  After I had squeezed off two shots, Pink joined in, after four, Jogman, we were staggering our shots so that we could continually keep pressure on the advancing horde.

After a few minutes, the dust had settled, and we made our way to the front doors of Bluetone Productions, picking off any crawlers as we went.  As we reached the front doors, a man strode out with a grin on his face and a rifle on his shoulder.

“Jammer?  I’m Night Angel of FEMA Region 6.  I’d like to inform you that we have a new dish, some supplies, and a few extra troops heading this way to help you defend your station, if you want them.  They will be here in about a week.”

The man’s smile disappeared. “That’s not quite what I wanted to hear, but I’ll take it anyway.  What can I do to repay you?” He asked.

“I’m in need of information, information I’m hoping you may have, or be able to acquire.  Ever heard of a group called Paladin?”

  1. chyrampsc says:

    Great work! I look forward to chances to share an exchange in future stories again. 🙂

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