Posted: May 13, 2012 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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“So what do you have for me Deadly?  These ‘Paladins’ are what killed the majority of my squad after the Outbreak.  I intend to make these bastards pay.”  I said, as we walked downstairs.

“Well, simply put, its information showing that Paladin was formed shortly before the Outbreak, by order of the President of the United States, to hunt down and terminate threats to the government.  I’m assuming that shortly after the Outbreak, the group was re-purposed, given the task to hunt down and terminate survivors.”

When we got to the archives, Deadly handed me a folder “This contains all the information the original FEMA members had on Paladin.  It’s not much, but its a start.”

I started sifting through the file.  The first page summed up all I needed to know.

“Paladin is a black operations group dedicated to the eradication of threats to the American people.  These threats can include, but are not limited to Terrorism (eco, religious or otherwise), International security threats, as well as National crises or disasters.  They receive training in multiple forms of martial arts, as well as specialized weapons training.  In times of distress, they will be deployed to regain control and help keep the peace.  They will be granted emergency powers in the event of governmental distress, and will be above all but the President him or herself, and will only take orders from the desk of the President, wheresoever that may be.”

Official Government Document, do not reproduce

Probably the most disturbing thing about the whole paper was that it bore the Presidential seal.

The folder contained more documents detailing the specifics of a “Paladin’s” training, diet, and where all the local Paladin training grounds were.

“A Paladin will be an exemplar of what humanity should strive to be.  They will be in peak physical and mental condition, and will be trained in pairs.  They will be expected to live, train and be together until they are like one mind.  They will be the countries elite fighting force, putting all others to shame.”

“Deadly… We need to find a way to lure these ‘Paladins’ out into the open, on our terms.  I have a few questions for them.”


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