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Posted: May 9, 2012 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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After about an hour of moving through the alleys we made it back to base.  We arrive to Furie and Doc waiting to give us our inspection, and upon entering the room, their guns are on Vicktor.

“Who’s this?”  Furie asks

“This is the guy who helped us get out of there with our lives.  I vouch for him.”  Pink and I say in unison.  Furie looks at us, then lowers her gun.

“Alright, that’s good enough for me, lets get this over with.”

Doc begins examining us for wounds, bite or bullet, and gives us all an energy drink.  “This is a new recipe I’m developing, designed to give you all the energy, but none of the side effects.  You all are clean from grievous wounds, nothing a few pain pills wont fix.  Report to the confrence room on sublevel 3 for the Debrief.  Dismissed.”

We cracked open our drinks and chugged them down, feeling the strength and energy coming back to us almost immediately.  “It tastes like… grape soda?” Pink says, looking at Doc “How’d you manage that?”

“Easy, I took some scavenged Grape soda, isolated the flavorings and added them to my energy supplement formula.”  He said, smiling.  “I have a feeling this will hit big if we sell it on the black market.”  He turns to me and asks “Next time you go out, if you happen to find some other flavors of soda, and could bring even one can back, I may even be able to create more flavors.”

“I’ll see what we can find, but we have to put the needs of the Safe House first…”  I looked at the scientist, a sad look coming across his face “…but I think I know a few places we could hit up that may have something of use to you.”

“Gang, I have some news for ya.”  Deadly said, looking at me in particular.  “We’ve dug up some info on Paladin.  The Records in sublevel 8 have some information on them.”

“Let’s go.” I responded “The debriefing can wait.  Vic, you are welcome to stay as long as you wish, for now, please stay here so you can be properly introduced.  Deadly, show me what you found.”

We headed down to sublevel 8 “Deadly, what kind of info are we talking about?”

“The kind that may help overthrow the Green Zone.” he said, smiling.


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