A Few Days Later

Posted: April 20, 2012 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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A few days passed while we were getting repairs made to the FEMA base, replacing windows and doors with stronger or new glass, fixing systems the zeds took out, re-booting the computer systems and getting the place back in operational order.  Overseeing it all was 13wayz, but as soon as we were well on our way, he left to join the RAiders.

With all the zeds cleared out, we got a chance to search the base a little more clearly, and we found some pretty useful tech for our scav teams.  Stealth Field Generators.  They refracted the light around the wearer to make it seem like they aren’t there, to a zombie at least. If a living soul were to observe the movements of someone wearing the SFG, they would notice a ripple in the air with human like qualities.  We found a whole stockpile of them, enough to last us a few months.  We had our tech guy, Grisly Addams working on one of them, trying to figure out how exactly they worked, if it was possible to make them last longer or work better.

That brings us to where we are now.  Out scavenging the ruins of Denton Texas, looking for supplies/survivors.

“Strike team Bravo, Strike team Bravo, this is Scav team Delta come in.” I said over the radio.

“Go ahead Delta.” Came the voice of Pinkertonb5.

“Alpha, we’re here in the old capitol building, and we’ve got sings of potential life still holding up here.  That, or someone else has been scavenging here.  We need to get our logo put up out here so people know its our turf.”  I said, looking at a wall that had a train with DCTA written on it.  “I’ve got a feeling we aren’t the only ones here in Denton.”

“What do you mean Night?”  Came Thomas’ voice from behind me.

“This,” I said, gesturing at the marking on the wall “is a freshly painted logo.  The paint is still running, my guess is that its less than an hour old.”

“That means…”

“That we may not be alone in here.  Pink, we need you and your team to the capitol building, now.  Use your SFGs, we have potential live hostiles in the vicinity.”

“Copy that, ETA two minutes.  Rendezvous in the lobby.”

“Team, activate your SFGs and take positions around that stairwell.  We need to make sure…” I started, when gunfire erupted on the floor above us.  “MOVE MOVE MOVE!”  I called

“Bravo, we have shots fired, double time it, we’re moving to investigate” I called

“Negative, We’ve got zed activity out here.  As of yet, we are unnoticed, but we are moving to engage.  We will cover your flank, find out who’s firing from within.” Came Pink’s response.

“Copy, stay safe.”  I looked at my squad “Team, we’re on our own, be careful, dont take any risks, we don’t know the intentions of these unknowns.  Let’s go.”


We progressed up the stairs and found the room the shots were coming from.  Looking around the corner, it was one man.  One man, and a bottle of Vodka… a LOT of bottles of vodka, actually.

I motioned to Thomas to take a look, he came back, looked at me and said “Is that a Russian?”


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