Getting Settled

Posted: April 17, 2012 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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When we reached the surface, Furie, Pink and the rest of the team were there to welcome us, but once our guest emerged from the stairwell, weapons were drawn faster than lightning, all aiming at 13wayz.

“Everyone stand down! Furie, this is the man I told you about!  He is not a zombie, he merely looks like one, kind of like the Rite Aiders.  He is a friend, not an enemy.  Everyone, please, stand down!”  I said, taking a position between my allies and 13wayz, so as to prevent them from opening fire.

“It’s true,” 13 began “I had to eat the flesh of the dead to survive down there.  I mean no harm.”

Furie and Pink exchanged a look and lowered their guns

“Alright, if Night vouches for you, we will trust you.  For now.”  Pink said, motioning for us to come sit down and get something to eat.

After having our fill of food, we got down to business, trying to figure out how to get our base back into operational standings.

“Obviously we need to fortify the perimeter, set up a watch detail, scav teams and hunters.  This is in addition to rebuilding our base from the inside as well, of course.” I stated

“I agree, the remains of this city are crawling with resources, but also there are too many zeds roaming around for us to safely extract said resources.” Pinkertonb5 started  “Any ideas?”


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