Cleaning House, pt. 2

Posted: April 13, 2012 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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“Alright, let’s get moving, we still have a few floors to cover if we want to get power back on.  This floor was mostly living spaces, so that means that, theoretically, the next few should be computer labs and research wings.  Am I correct in that thought Furie?”  I said, trying to develop a plan.

“Yeah, the next two floors are computer labs, and the two after that are R&D.  The Computer labs are rather small, but if we can secure them and get power flowing again, they might be able to clue us in as to what is really going on with the Zombies.”

“Understood.  Everyone ready to move out?”  I looked around at the extermination crew around me, they all nodded the affirmative.  “Alright, Deadly, you and I will take point Thomas and Zeus, cover our six.  Let’s go.”


As we descended down the stairs, one thing became increasingly clear: We were heading deeper underground, meaning that communications would be sketchy until we got the power back on.

“Furie, we may loose radio contact, we’re descending into sublevel 2.  Give us two hours, if the power isn’t back on or we haven’t made it back into comm range, barricade the door.”

“Roger that, good luck.”

As we entered the first computer room, we noticed how eerily quiet it was.  There was no shuffling or moaning, no sound at all to signify the living dead were present.

“I don’t like the looks of this.  Come on, lets make our sweeps and get out of here.”  I said. The others shared my sentiment and we began our sweep of the floor, checking behind every door in every room, making sure that no zeds were around.  The only things we noticed were the massive amounts of government documents, and a few corpses that we bashed on the head just to be safe.

“Night, come here, I think I may have found something.”  Came a call from Deadly.  Walking over to one of the computers I saw that it was powered on, rigged up to a very advanced looking generator.

“Well now, this is interesting.  Still warm too… its been used recently.”  Thomas said, looking around for signs of life.

“Furie, can you hear me?” I called over the comms.

“Yeah….arely….ou”  came the broken response

“We’ve found a portable generator down here, hooked up to a computer.  Its still working, we think there may be a survivor down here or something.  We’re going to keep looking”

“…opy that.”

We then proceeded down the next flight of stairs and were met by much the same scene as the floor above us, we swept the rooms and made sure that there were no surprise zees, and what we found here shocked us.  We found a makeshift bed created out of cardboard boxes and old papers and files.

“What the hell is this?  I didn’t think zombies slept.” Zeus remarked

“They don’t.” came a voice from behind us.  We turned around to see a gun leveled at us.  “What the hell are you doing in my home?”


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