Getting Settled

Posted: April 11, 2012 by kenkrebs in FEMA
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Upon my arrival at the new FEMA base, I noticed that it was once really well defended.  My guess as to what happened?  The feds tore down the exterior defenses allowing their “Zombie Battalion” sweep in and take down the original FEMA workers.  As I talked with my new housemates, I learned that Furie and Pinkertonb5 had actually found this place not too long ago and had been scoping it out for a while.  They were able to secure the upper level and get communications up and running again, which is when they tapped into the CVC servers and sent out the call that lured me here.


By the time I reached the base, there were about 14 others, counting Furie and Pink.  When I first arrived they asked me about my background and what happened to me, so I told them about the massacre of my entire platoon while my squad and I were off protecting the officials.  They confirmed that their stories were much the same.  A few of our members had even been Officials that were deemed “un-needed” and were left to die.


After a quick rest and some much needed food, I picked up my weapons and headed to the stairwell.  “Well, are we going to clear out these undead motherfuckers, or are we just going to hold up here until we can’t fit anymore people?”  I asked, looking at the others gathered.  “It would probably be best if we went in small squads, 3-4 people for each squad.  That way we can watch every direction and make sure that we aren’t taken by surprise.”  I looked around the room and noticed that no one really wanted to budge of their own free will.

“You.  You. You.” I said, pointing at three people who looked like they had been through some serious combat before the Outbreak “Come with me”  They nodded and grabbed their weapons and joined me by the stairwell.  “Furie, tune the comms to channel 2, if we get into trouble, I’ll let you know and you should probably seal the door behind us.  If we aren’t back in 2 hours, or haven’t checked in for more than a half hour, assume the worst.”

Our leader nodded, somewhat surprised by my initiative and gave us the go ahead to descend into the dark depths of FEMA.

  1. chyrampsc says:

    Great work. When you post for more members on the forums make sure to mention your site. I’ve linked your site on Terry Fox. Also the last Blooper posting (the one made this week, number 7) gave honorable mentions to your safe house. If you find this disagreeable please let me know and I’ll edit out your name in the posting. 🙂

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